Which is better for investment? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Which is better for investment? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineTen of the most profitable places to invest in real estate in the world...Ten best places in the world for investmentRecently Forbes magazine published the top ten most profitable places to invest in real estate in the world. To do this, the Association of foreign investors in real estate (AFIRE) conducted a survey among 200 of its members, property owners amounting to $700 billion worldwide, where they see the biggest prospects for investment.The Forbes list included some of the most expensive cities in the world. According to the portal Global Property Guide, Prime properties in London and new York costs more than $15 thousand for sq. m. Such objects are in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore will cost from $10 thousand per square meter.Tokyo, London and Hong Kong, according to consulting company Mercer are in the top ten places with the highest cost of living. Not far behind the above-mentioned and other cities: in the ranking of Mercer Paris occupies the 12th place, Singapore – 13th, Sydney – 15th. For the basis of the studies taken as the rating of new York (100 points), compared with 145 cities in the world.From dozens of the best destinations for investment, compiled by business magazine Forbes, the cheapest cities are Shanghai and Munich. Let us dwell on the rating.1. New York, USAThe real estate market of the leader, of new York, while still strong, but some segments are already experiencing a slowdown, writes New York Times. On wall street is only 5% of jobs in the city, but here is concentrated 23% of earnings. Expenses of employees of wall street have a positive impact on the economy and the real estate market of the city.As a rule, employees of the financial sector to invest additional funds in real estate. For 2007, the amount of additional revenue has not changed that ensured relative stability in 2008. More than just the effects of the credit crisis will be felt in 2009, when allowances employees will begin to depreciate.The cost of living in new York was taken as a basis in the research company Mercer: the city ranked 22nd place. Apartment prices here are some of the most expensive in the world: square meter in a prestigious area costs an average of us $15.9 thousand, according to Global Property Guide.2. London, UKOnly in June of this year, housing prices in London fell by 2.5%, according to British newspaper the Evening Standard. A house in the city sold for an average of $20 thousand less than in may. According to experts ' forecasts by Oxford Economics, 2010, prices will fall by 25%, and by 2013 will grow by 15%.In the ranking of the Mercer London has the third highest cost-of-living index 125, second only to Moscow and Tokyo. Apartments in Prime areas are the most expensive in the world: according to Global Property Guide, they cost from $15,2 $24,25 thousand for 1 sq. m.3. Washington, USAAccording to the Washington Business Journal, in the American capital, the decrease in the cost of housing, as well as across the country. From January to may 2008, the prices dropped 15% compared to the same period in 2007, according to the price index calculated by the companies in the Standard & Poor's and Case-Shiller.While the housing sector of Washington is suffering from excess supply and irregular payments on mortgage loans, the commercial sector is growing thanks to government business in the capital, analysts say Forbes.In studies Mercer and Global Property Guide about Washington not stated.4. Paris, FranceLike many markets, the French market of residential properties affected by the global mortgage crisis. For the first half of 2008, the prices dropped 2.6%, but only in June they increased by 3%, thereby flattening trend of the first half, according to the portal French-Property.com.The percentage of commercial real estate of Paris is very high, according to Forbes. The rental price in the commercial sector will grow as long as demand exceeds supply, as is happening today.In the ranking of the cost-of-living company Mercer Paris occupies the 12th place in the survey 109,4, ahead of Singapore. Global Property Guide reports that square meter apartment in a prestigious area costs on average $13.8 thousand5. Shanghai, ChinaBoth residential and commercial properties of Shanghai is growing steadily, as experts Jones Lang LaSalle. Of retail space in Prime areas is minimal, and the demand remains high. For the second quarter of 2008, the rental price of offices grew by 2.4%. Remains strong and the market rent.In the ranking of cost of living Mercer Shanghai occupies 24th place in the survey 98,3, ahead of Amsterdam. Apartments in Prime districts are estimated at about $3.3 thousand for 1 sq. m, according to Global Property Guide. According to Forbes, the top ten places to invest Shanghai has the lowest prices on flats.6. Tokyo, JapanThe global credit crisis has not avoided the real estate market of Japan. Because of this, by the end of 2007 losses Japanese financial companies amounted to about $600 billion, according to Japan Inc, one of the leading business magazines in the country.There is concern that the growing number of real estate property can lead to decrease of profitability of the lease, and then to a General decline of prices on the real estate market. However, negative trends in the market Tokyo is possible only for a short time. Japan attracts investors looking to buy property at the lowest price. Their investments and will stop the falling prices.The cost of living Tokyo ranks second in the world with an index of 127 in the ranking of Mercer, second only to Moscow. Apartments in Prime locations are sold at a price of $11,87 thousand for 1 sq. m.7. SingaporeWhile the rise of prices in the markets of residential and office real estate in Singapore is slowing, there is growing demand for retail locations, according to the portal Property Guru on real estate of Singapore. Wage growth in the country and the influx of tourists contribute to the prosperity of the retail market.From 2007 to 2008 the number of tourists in Singapore increased by 3%. It is reported by the Singapore tourism Board: by 2015 the number of people employed in the industry are projected to increase by 100 thousand, which, according to preliminary estimates, in the country will attract 17 million visitors and 30 billion Singapore dollars ($21.2 billion) of investment. Positive dynamics is achieved largely at the expense of medical tourism: the tourism sector is thriving, and rooms for medical purposes are in demand.In the ranking of cost of living Mercer Singapore occupies the 13th place in the survey 109,1. Square meter in a prestigious apartment is estimated at $11.8 thousand, according to Global Property Guide.8. Munich, GermanyGlobal mortgage crisis has had little effect on the real estate market in Germany, especially in big cities, according to local news estate portal Property Wire. Over the last couple of years the growth in the market of Munich was more tangible than in the whole country. According to forecasts, the positive momentum will continue in the coming years square meters in the German cities will grow by 3-4% per year.In the ranking of Mercer Munich is only 32-th line with the index is 93.1. In the top ten places to invest, compiled by Forbes, is the cheapest city. Global Property Guide estimates the square meter in the elite areas of Munich to $3.6 thousand9.

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