Do you need warehouse space? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Do you need warehouse space? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn recent years, the logistics real estate market shows quite encouraging results of its work and continues...Trends on the market of the warehouse real estateIn recent years, the logistics real estate market shows quite encouraging results of its work and continues to grow rapidly. Today, large operators of the market and only have time to announce the opening of new facilities in Kiev and regions of Ukraine. During 2008-2009 in the Kiev region it is planned to put into operation more than 30 new warehouses. In addition, there is a trend of logistics centers and warehouses with the city. According to the rules of logistics, confirmed by international experience, high transportation efficiency is achieved only when the warehouses are located outside the cities. The best places of their dislocation — suburban areas, near busy highways and interchanges. According to calculations made by experts of the international company "knight Frank", warehouse property built outside the city, pays 2.5 times faster than the same property in the city. When users pay for a rustic warehouses 30% less than their counterparts in the city. The gap in prices will be even greater, given that the capital share in the property of class A and b represents a small proportion, and in new warehouses suburbs have a full set of services.For Ukraine today is characterized by the growth of consumer demand, expanding network of companies in the regions, the lack of regional market offers high-quality warehouses and high demand for warehouses of class A. According to experts, the market of warehouse real estate has shown in recent years the most active growth and demand, and offers — in all segments. According to the results of 2007 in Kyiv and region the volume of supply of warehouse space has increased in 2 times. While rents have increased on average by 30-40%. In 2008, the experts forecast the increase of demand and supply modern high quality warehouse facilities in last year. As noted in the company Colliers International, today in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast there are about 338 thousand sq m of modern warehouse space (class A and B. subject to the implementation of new projects in the period this year, the market will additionally be 443 thousand sq. m. Head of Department of Analytics and research at DEOL Partners Oles Romanyshyn believes the main reason for the growing interest in warehousing increase the yield of complexes. According to some experts, the demand in Kiev and suburbs in professional warehouses — 1.5 million sq. m., at the same time there is a score, according to which this need is 1.8 million square meters.Currently the price per square meter of warehouse And Kiev is about $15. And this is several times more expensive than in some European countries. So, for example, in England the cost of monthly rental logistics premises does not exceed $10-13 per square meter in the Baltic States — $6-7, and in Poland — $5. According to analysts the company FIM Group, annually in the future is projected to increase rental rates for professional warehouse space by 10-15% due to lack of offers, as well as the slow pace of construction and commissioning of the selected projects. Despite the high price, the demand for warehouse space is growing rapidly, and many entrepreneurs complain about the deficit of quality warehouse space, as the production volumes grow and increase the pace of retail trade. Besides on the market today, great importance is the time factor and the efficiency in goods turnover.Experts note that in recent times the great demand for warehouse premises of class A and B. This is due primarily to the increasing number of foreign companies that require high-quality warehouses.

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