Trade and office real estate Dnepropetrovsk - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Trade and office real estate Dnepropetrovsk - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineDnepropetrovsk center of the Dnipropetrovsk Metropolitan area, one of the largest cities of Ukraine, located in the centre of the country on the Dnieper river. Since the beginning of the twentieth century and today the city is a major center of metallurgical industry and machinery in Eastern Ukraine and the country in General. In Dnepropetrovsk is located the main office of PrivatBank is the largest Bank of the country, which is evidence enough of a developed economy. Dnepropetrovsk is one of the cities which will host matches of EURO 2012.Because there is an active preparation to this event that every day brings the city closer to the European standards. All this, according to the company sotsmart, contributes to the rapid pace of development of the market for commercial office real estate.Currently, the city operates a considerable number of commercial real estate objects in various formats – shopping, business and entertainment centers.In 2005 he was commissioned in the shopping and entertainment center "Dafi" at zoryanyy Boulevard, 1-a. The center is located at the intersection of roads that connect the two major residential areas of the city. "Duffy" was the first shopping and entertainment center for the whole family in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Trade area the Mall is 16 000 sq. m. Anchor tenants are: supermarket "Great Kyshenya", the domestic supermarket Techniki "comfy", 4-screen cinema multiplex "Kinodance", media-center "Chatrix". The first floor is designed so that visitors who want to get into "Great Kyshenya, are two commercial galleries of the first floor. To go to the second floor, customers can use the stairs or escalators. The second floor has a supermarket of home appliances "comfy", shops, fast food restaurants, a cocktail bar and multiplex. The lobby of the 4-screen movie theater is located near the food court. The restaurant on the ground floor is a classic.Trading-business complex "Bosphorus" was opened in 2005. This is the first retail-office center of this level in the city. The five-storey building with a total area 136500 sqm includes 7 boutiques, cafes, fine-dining restaurant, a multi-brand store and offices class A. Boutiques have separate entrances from the pedestrian street of the Executive Committee. On ground, 1st, 2nd floor there are shops, restaurants and cafes. Four-story Parking placed from the outside of the shopping center. 3-5 floor contains the offices of class A. the Link of the second floor is via escalator, for communication office floors and Parking uses the Elevator.Shopping Mall "Continent" is located in the area adjacent to the town centre, at ul. Marie Curie 5. The SEC focuses on the four administrative districts of Dnepropetrovsk – Kirov, Zhovtnevy, Babushkinskaya and Krasnogvardeisky, in which approximately 180 thousand families. The total area of the three-storey building is 23 500 sq. m. the Anchor tenant is a supermarket "Rainford". Also in the "Mainland" are shops with a varied assortment, restaurant, cinema. The center is equipped with six elevators and six escalators. The Mall has underground Parking for 220 cars.Office and shopping center "Civilization" is located in 2 minutes from the Central Avenue of the city. It is a modern office and business complex wysokiego level, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding companies. "Civilization" is a 18-storey building, total area of 17900 sqm On the ground floor there is secure underground Parking. On 1st floor: entrance hall – 200 meters, premises, service rooms, Elevator lobby with four elevators. Conference hall with a total area of. 180 sq. m is located on the second floor. On the 3rd floor there is an exhibition hall and office support service building. A café with an outdoor summer terrace with a total area of 367 square metres, located on the 4th floor, will allow to save time. From the 3rd to the 16th floor is occupied by office space, total area of 10 500 sq m. the Minimum area of office space of 115 sqm, maximum – several floors. Most offices have their own balconies, terraces, several toilets, also provides for the obligatory bathroom in each supervisor's office. The kitchenette in each office. The premises of the shopping and business centre are offered with full interior finishing.As it became known "sotsmart" by address Karl Marx, 41 is planned to build one of the most ambitious projects of the company ICD Investments. The building will be a multifunctional complex with residential, office, retail and entertainment real estate. An area of 1.13 hectares is located in the prestigious Central part of the city. Draft project of the construction of the centre provides for the presence of 6 objects with a height of 10, 18 and 20 floors. Scheduled to begin construction in the 1st quarter of 2009, the date of commissioning of the object is 2011.Another interesting project, according to experts "sotsmart" – Business centre Profium, construction and investment company "Streusel". The project involves the construction of 14-storey office and business complex class . BC gives you the opportunity to carry out any business activities at the highest level.

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