Wholesale or retail??? Buy cottage... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Wholesale or retail??? Buy cottage... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineProperty in Ukraine has proved so risky business that construction companies now sell...Will sell the cottages. WholesaleProperty in Ukraine has proved so risky business that construction companies now sell the whole cottage villages. The piece at home buying nobody wants.The crisis in the real estate market is forcing developers to actively reconsider their plans and to get rid of the projects, the completion of which there is no money. Management company "TIKO construction" who built six business centers and five-star Opera hotel, last week announced the sale of two projects: cottage town in S. Gnidyn Boryspil district and logistics complex in S. Kopylov, Makarov district. The reason - lack of funds necessary for the implementation of priority plans.Director of real estate management "TIKO construction" Anna Skripin announced that the company has many projects, offices and shopping centers and also have experience in construction of hotels."On these segments we want to concentrate all our resources. Now is not the time when you can spray on your hand," said she. The company sells these objects even though the demand for warehouses continues to grow and the country house prices continued to rise. "This year alone, the cost of suburban housing increased by 10%", - says Anna Skripkina.Even before the sale of projects for the construction of warehouses announced the company "XXI century". "We have reviewed the strategy and portfolio of assets. Because we have little experience, we are ready to sell the entire portfolio, which was prepared on the development of logistics", said the Executive Director of the company Yaroslav Kinakh.According to him, the company acquired land for construction of hotels, however, even on the eve of Euro-2012 construction of hotels is not the most important. "XXI century" is forced to focus only on three areas: the construction of shopping malls, housing the elite class and offices.According to the Executive Director of the company KDD Group Peter Lipca, now not so much important the interest rate at which developers raise funds for the development of their projects, but also by the ability to find the money. "Not to make any sudden movements, not to be left without resources is our priority," says Peter Slipes. KDD Group, because of the deteriorating conditions in the housing market, has temporarily suspended work on the complex "Recreation" in Brovary district of Kiev, which provided for the construction of apartments in a small area for wealthy clients. Previously, the company purchased on the border with Kiev over 100 hectares of land for the erection of a residential neighborhood on hundreds of thousands of square meters of housing."Now the market is not conducive to the development of such large projects, primarily due to the fact that buyers received the restriction on expensive loans," said Peter Slipes.The current housing crisis is forcing developers to sell projects that they cannot afford. According to the Director of Link Development company Yaroslav Tsukanov, now on the market a lot of these projects, but no one buys. But it is possible that they will find a buyer after a maximum reduction in their value. Moreover, experts note that in recent years the construction in Ukraine developed Amateurs."Dozens, if not more, conventionally real estate companies engaged in this business, not being experts in this field. So will be a big market transformation.

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