Buy an apartment: what to look for when viewing news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Buy an apartment: what to look for when viewing news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThere is no doubt that the seller will do everything possible to ensure that in your eyes she looked more attractive. Your task – to get an objective view of its strengths and weaknesses. At least to have a base for bargaining.In the light of dayRealtors advises, if possible, to arrange a viewing of the apartment in the daytime in good light. This will not only better considering the very flat, but to get a more true representation of the surroundings.If the owners of the apartment categorically insist on showing it in the dark, this should be an additional incentive to see the countryside (and very flat) and in the light of day. Perhaps these good people just don't want to disappoint you view ugly landfills not shined in the depths of the yard, or always dug pits over utilities (as an option - bald spots on the pavement in its place), or even how unpleasant sight. Or in the light of day in their apartment, you notice something in the evening successfully masked electric lights. In any case, if the apartment after the evening watching wondering what is desirable about the next view to negotiate it in the daytime.Besides, better to come during the daylight it is a weekday, then there is an opportunity to assess how the area can be considered quiet and cozy, or Vice versa, noisy and polluted.To appear there in advance, with plenty of time to have the opportunity to look around, to get around the neighborhood, to explore the local transport, commercial and social infrastructure. So you have already got an idea of how to get out of here, where to Park, what store overstock, etc., etc.All questions, doubts, found the problem – be sure to record in the memory (for better memorization – brief record).Is worth a closer look to the entrance, which is viewed apartment. The ride in the Elevator, of course, is more comfortable, but a walk on the floors (at least some) will give a much more objective impression of what kind of people live here or often spend time.Close to the peopleDo not neglect an invaluable source of information – neighbours. Especially good in this sense, the grandmother on the benches at the entrances.Without further ADO, you can honestly turn to him for help, saying that going to see the apartment in this house, here, was wondering how it is to live here? How does the housing office? What with heating and hot water? When the house changed the pipes? As here with the drunks, drug addicts and just violent youth? Does not happen if any accidents? And what of the entrances of the problem, and what exactly? Where's the shopping? What's the transport? Where do they put the cars? Are there any conflicts about this? And so on and so forth.As a rule, the good old happy to help a good man. Important to have enough time (it is reserved, coming in advance) and the patience to listen to all the information provided. And again – clearly fix the major problems are found.Not only to register in order to make amendments to the price of the apartment , but also to ask relevant questions of its owners. For example, you found that the range closest to home shops will not satisfy your usual requests. So ask where you can buy such-and-such from you vitally necessary. And compare the answers with what you already know about it.Or perhaps you already know that Hiking aborigines severely struggling with motorists Parking under the Windows, and the heating main breaks three times during the winter. Then directly ask the owners where there convenient Parking, and how reliable heating and hot water. Perhaps you honestly look in the eye, explain that you can leave your car right under the house, and the heat here at all unproblematic. Then you will know what amendments need to do to any information supplied by sellers.Contact the specialistsThe older the house in which you see the apartment, the greater the number of problems you expect when you buy it. As the Director of the Academy of Sciences, if you buy the apartment in an old house ("Khrushchev" or over), then you need to be prepared for what might need to change tubes, wiring, etc., etc. However, when the old property is sold "without repair", when all the "weaknesses" is there, then the problem itself is not. Everything is decided by adequate price and your willingness (or unwillingness) to do repairs.Harder when the apartment is sold with repairs. Because frankly sometimes found prop repair using cheap substandard materials, made carelessly - just bring beauty and cover up problem areas. Problems can occur and where the repair was done in good faith, but an Amateur, with his own hands, saving on hiring professionals. The buyer in this apartment you can expect a variety of surprises – from the fact that peeling off plaster, or winter will begin to "weep" (misted) plastic Windows.Therefore, I advise not to skimp and to invite to view, professional knowledge of construction and repair. A professional can assess the quality of repair, and its real problems, and the cost of these problems elimination. A hundred other hryvnias, paid him for the service, nothing compared to the few thousands of dollars that such a visit can save.Of course, it is not necessary to drive with a professional Builder on each of the dozens of hits that you have. Enough to invite him to the second view in that apartment, the purchase of which you are inclined. And on the first view to make a preliminary diagnosis of the apartment on their own – to cut off clearly unsuitable for you.Tapped to probe andRealtors advises to look at the ceiling of the apartment – if he doesn't look freshly painted? This may be a sign that it recently flooded. If the last floor, if possible, is to walk on the roof above the apartment – if there are any bald spots, indicating that the roof is leaking.In older homes, special attention should be paid to the condition of utilities.Rusty leaking pipes can be touched up before watching, so they should be tapped. Everywhere, reachable, you should see the state of the pipes, taps, valves and plumbing. Feel free to open and close the valves. At the same time rate, the water pressure and hot water temperature. Look how clean the water is from the tap – if the pipes in the house in very poor condition, the water may contain particles of rust and other contaminants.Problems can occur with the wiring. Case study: a person only after viewing, finding serious problems, bought an apartment in "the khrushchovkas". Not paying attention to the fact that the new modern outlets under the counter for some reason in the room, stretching the cords. When it came time to settle, it became clear that the cords were not just, because the old wiring in the apartment is out of order.So do not be shy to click the switch to inspect the premises and verify at least some of the sockets.Do not be lazy to look under carpets, figuring out the quality of sex, and to look behind cabinets, to assess the condition of the walls. Feel Wallpaper (especially recently hung). In the wall can hide the crack, which for years pulls cold and, therefore, condenses moisture.Check Windows and doors.

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