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Sleeping in bags of money - On monetary reform remember those who were directly involved in its implementation. Today marks exactly...The cashiers were sleeping on bags of money, and people tried to sell millionsOn monetary reform remember those who were directly involved in its implementation. Today marks 12 years since the first in the history of independent Ukraine a civilized currency reform. September 2, 1996, the entire country received a new national currency - the hryvnia. Millions of people were brought in cash Desk of banks old CRB) and got just printed new banknotes. Of this important event in the history of Ukraine remembers every resident of Donetsk region, but only few know that had to endure the employees of the banks during these two weeks of "exchange of money". Their memories with the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" said the members of the regional office of the national Bank.Money carried on the "KAMAZ" tonsYuri Cifiles, head of the National Bank of Ukraine in Donetsk region:The monetary reform was preceded by extensive preparatory work to ensure regions in cash, which began in 1994. These pre-reform years are remembered for ordinary citizens, especially the night thundering caravans "KAMAZ", which was brought to our area new Ukrainian money, their weight was measured in tons. Remember those moments of everyday work, not only as a heroic call. It happened in January 1996, several months before the reform. Two armored truck escorted by four cars were moving along the road Kyiv - Donetsk. Near Dnepropetrovsk walked towards the truck with some building materials. From one of these cars right into the windshield of one of the escort cars gets a small piece of brick. Glass, of course, shattered (the cars were without armor, because armored Bank lacked - approx. ed.) Outside the window the night and minus sixteen. According to the instructions of the machine cannot be stopped. And the driver, a senior Lieutenant of the state security service, still a young man, holding one hand on the wheel, the other taking off the neck scarf and wrap the face, continued movement of the machine.Our kids slept right at the box officeValentin Dubinin, Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine in Donetsk region:- Employees of banks, especially savings, while reforms were forced to temporarily forget about family, children. Day and night, at work, in the best case, to five or six o'clock in the morning drove the cashier, did balances, closed trading days, went home only to shower and again at nine in the morning were on his feet. Just for that they are worthy of monuments in life! Children from kindergartens and schools were taken straight to work, and they sometimes slept among the bags exchanged with the karbovanets. In the evening these bags are recorded in the repository. Storage was not always able to accommodate the volume of incoming karbovanets, so the bags were folded up to the ceiling, the vault door was barely closed. Exchanged money needed not only to accept but to count, wrap and tie the roots and bundles. It is simply enormous amounts. From what was working around the clock, often lacked the strength to get to the makeshift resting place. Sometimes you'll look in the bathroom, and there people just sleep on the floor. But the complaints were not. All understood - we are building a new state."KamAZ" with the money under the volleys of fireworksTatyana Shapovalova, head of the Department of monetary circulation and cash operations:- Since 1993, in the storage management began to receive notes and coins a new national currency. The first banknotes were printed on banknote factories of Canada and the UK in 1992. A bargaining chip received from Italy and Lugansk plant, which received an order for their production. Only in the Donetsk region at the beginning of the reform, by 2 September 1996, was brought to 5.6 billion USD and more than 1000 tons a bargaining chip. Of course, such amount of cash could not accommodate storage management, why were rented vault cash in 16 banks area. Rush hour came on August 22, 1996, when the order arrived early reinforcement of banks in national currency. To ensure transportation was drawn 13 emergency vehicles transport organizations of the city. The time from 22 to 30 August were considered to be persistent, since day began at 7 a.m. and often ended in 3-4 hours at night. Particularly struck day on August 24. The city celebrates Independence Day, and our Trucks escorted by traffic police with sirens rushing on lit city under the volleys of fireworks. The reform was passed at a decent height. In the area there was no failure to issue new cash or exchange, Ukrainian karbovanets on the hryvnia.3 days waiting for the plane, and 12 hours from Dnepropetrovsk to Donetsk- In the period of holding in 1996, monetary reform, I was responsible for the transport and delivery of a bargaining chip. Now it is difficult to imagine how quickly the decision was made to accept the goods - 19 "KAMAZ" with a weight of 380 000 kg, while banking the courtyard was designed to accommodate only two such vehicles. And during the advance of the column on the highway " Dnepropetrovsk - Donetsk public transport for a while was paralyzed because the length of the column including the traffic police escort vehicles and Riot police, was up to one kilometer. Now remember with a smile the reaction of oncoming traffic, given the fact that the speed of our movement does not exceed 30 km/h. The way to 250 km is covered in normal mode for 3.5-4 hours, lasted 12 hours. Then it was a compromise to stop every 20 miles and skip back moving civilian cars. Not to forget three days waiting for the plane from Italy with new karbovanets, printed in this country. The cargo is expected at the airport in Boryspil, had to get in Zaporozhye. Collectors, drivers, despite the lack of basic living conditions, rations and money to adequately fulfil their responsibilities. Difficulties only rallied the men's team, regardless of what region they represented.*The first "money laundering".

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