The people of Kiev will give a 10 acres and flats for a fraction of the cost - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The people of Kiev will give a 10 acres and flats for a fraction of the cost - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineElection time is a time of great and nice promises. Some of them are directly related to solving the notorious housing problem in the capital. Unless, of course, to imagine that they will be met.Dimensionless KievThe undisputed hit of this year's election campaign in the capital was the promise of the national democratic party to give everyone the Kievan required by law free 10 acres of land. This, according to NDP leader Lyudmila Suprun, will help the city residents to solve their housing problems. For example, selling the resulting plots (say, 100 thousand dollars per hundred square meters) and investing the proceeds in the purchase of apartments. And, considering the current cost of capital of the earth, all the people of Kiev will automatically become quite wealthy.On the comments of skeptics about the fact that many Kyivans and the earth - no, the party representatives confidently replied that the land will be enough for everyone. In replicated media statement of the Chairman of the Kyiv city organization of the NDP Sergei Kostrikov it is argued that in the capital there is a stock of unused land about half a million hectares. Half a million hectares – that's 50 million acres, so really the Kyiv should be enough, still remain. On the other hand, the square of Kiev - 835 square kilometers. This is to 8.35 million acres. Obtained mathematical paradox - in stock at Kiev, according to representatives of the NDP, unused land is about 6 times larger than the entire area of the city.If we start from the actual area of the capital, giving all the land, including occupied buildings, parks and roads, as well as already in someone else's property, you can bestow no more than 835 thousand people, with an official population in 2007 to 2.7 million.However, Lyudmila Suprun sure promise of her party quite feasible – because in the coming years, possible extension of the boundaries of the capital by joining the 20 - and 30-kilometer zone. Simple calculations based on knowledge of the secondary school show that necessary for the realization of the right of all citizens to the land of 2700 square kilometers just equal to the area of a circle with a radius of several up to 29 km.Suppose, however, that the required land is miraculously found. And hundreds of thousands in need of better housing conditions for families dumped on the market their land, with the money to act as buyers of apartments. You can imagine what will be going on the land market, and how will fall sharply prices on priceless now Kiev weave. Those of them which are located in the current 30-kilometer zone, and can not speak. On the other hand, prices for Kiev apartments will receive a powerful impulse for the rapid rise in the heavens. So even the average resident of Kiev inferior apartment will still remain not affordable.Flats – cheap loans – interest-freeThe number of blocks and mayoral candidates and offer less revolutionary way of solving the housing problem. For example, the program block by Alexander Omelchenko said the following: "We will introduce preferential loans with affordable interest that can pay the Kiev family. Loans can be obtained much easier than it is now. The apartments will be warm and dry.Cheap loans promises and block Wladimir Klitschko – as part of its program "the Answer to the housing problem." One of the formats housing program – "mortgage loan without interest" provides for full repayment at the expense of the city budget of interest for the loan. This year the Program of socio-economic and cultural development of Kiev provided 38,16 million UAH for the payment of interest for the use of mortgage loans. "We have proposed to allocate the first budget year is 100 million USD. and the second 200 million", - stated in the promotional materials of the block.About subsidized mortgage loans mentioned among the promises, and the other series is not as "hyped" - applicants Kiev authorities.Now let's see what Metropolitan real estate market can mean all available cheap or interest-free mortgage loans, provided that all other "rules of the game" will remain unchanged. Recall that one of the main factors of excessive growth in property prices observed recently, the expert said that the availability of mortgage lending. Which greatly increased the effective demand with limited supply in the market. This not only led to rapid growth of prices, but also to a certain extent "corrupted" capital builders, which could raise prices without improving the quality of work and earn significantly more, almost without increasing the volume of construction. Increase in volumes of housing construction, adequate growth in lending volumes was not observed, the housing problem has not become easier.Another thing is that from the point of view of construction companies, representatives of which are present in the lists of a number of strong units, stimulation of fading demand for exorbitantly expensive housing at the expense of the city budget – the idea quite attractive.In the housing program block Vitali Klitschko is present and the format of the "Housing for half the price". It provides for a system of 50: 50, where the costs for the apartment are shared equally between the city and the citizen. The price of such housing will be fixed and below market due to favourable conditions for the acceptance of projects and the free provision of land plots. Priority for housing will have kiyani, who stand in the queue, and young families with children.To boost the construction of social or affordable housing promise and other candidates and blocks. Of the most famous political "brands" we can recall, for example, the Party of Regions, the candidate in mayors from which Vasyl Horbal reassuring: "increase the social housing construction and financing of affordable housing for young families".Member of the bloc Oleksandr Omelchenko, the head of KP "Getlongitude-UMS" Vyacheslav Problem considers "housing at cost – half the price of the market price".SDPU(u) among its priorities calls the implementation of the program of social housing construction. Why is obligated funds received as a result of the land sale, to be used exclusively for the construction of housing for low-income residents and young families.However, actively promoted among the contenders for the Kiev government, there are those who in their campaign materials did not focus on specific promises of loans available and cheap apartments. For example, BYUT, nuns, the bloc of Mykola Katerynchuk, TIME, Civil asset of Kiev.Law and orderIn solidarity, all the contenders for the Mace – after their victory to live in Kiev will become better and more fun. And corruption in land issues is simply doomed, because who would neither have won the elections (including the current rulers of Kiev), she's gone hard – once and for all. For some of the races (BYUT bloc Chernovetsky, nuns, SJC, etc.) these points are the main information message to the voters.There are also issues in which there is almost complete unanimity. So, all eminent members of the Kyiv political cross (except that of Leonid Chernovetsky and block his name) and criticize the corruption of city government, and land decisions. Among the most popular promises: to maintain order and the rule of law in land matters in the construction, and to review land decisions in recent years.For example, block Vitali Klitschko is going to "reconsider the decision on land allocation 2003-2008 We will cancel all the illegal decision". They have many problems and even more. Because our realities are such that a very large part of the decisions regarding the land now under construction for residential and commercial properties might look, to put it mildly, is not perfectly consistent with the letter and spirit of the Law. If in our country to cancel all illegal decisions of the past, what will remain? What to do with dozens or hundreds of already built objects to "cancelled" the earth is not clear.The vast majority of applicants will ensure the rule of law and order in land issues, the transparency of the decisions of the city authorities, the participation in all matters related to the development of city construction, etc.There is imaginative. For example, Vasyl Horbal undertakes to prohibit "the use of basements, roofs and other facilities in residential buildings, not the destination.

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