YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT! What are you afraid of politics? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT! What are you afraid of politics? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineToday the party bosses forces to hold the crumbs...Politics have become a bit afraid of UkrainiansToday the party bosses forces to hold the crumbs of political stability is precisely the voterUkrainian politics is becoming more interesting. Finally after a long time of the reign of political technologies it can fully receive the new player. Namely, the people of Ukraine.this, of course, politics. They are too overworked in his endless alliances, conflicts, contradictory statements and lack of principles. As a result, the electorate all these political battlefield rather tired and the number of those who began to believe that increased significantly.Oddly enough, but it began to understand even politics. For example.Yulia Tymoshenko, the air of ICTV channel: .Underlying fear of politicians confirms and sociology. Today, according to the number of those who have not decided for whom to vote in early elections just obscenely large - about 40%.Such a number of disaffected electorate will naturally be a big problem for all political forces.It is much easier to deal with the Ukrainian, who after a series of technological moves, is maybe not an ardent, but still a supporter of a particular party. In this case, with high probability we can even calculate the quantitative composition of the future coalition. And that means you clearly define - favorable or not favorable to the party early parliamentary elections. The current situation is that a huge amount of uncertainty carries enormous risk.The fear of losing existing places and even the political status in a narrow range much higher risks of losing huge amount of money for the election campaign. That is why all without exception political forces are trying to demonstrate their willingness to go to early elections, will do this step only as a last resort. Namely, when the waste in the current system, they would are already absolutely nothing. To the same situation until it was far.Today the party bosses forces to hold the crumbs of political stability is precisely the voter. In the context of the formation of equivalence of democratic processes in Ukraine is quite a step forward.Of course, such a large number of undecided is a temporary factor. To drive the rebellious voter in the electoral bullpen. But technologists need time, new ideas and, most importantly, their implementation. Therefore, we should expect that in the near future, political leaders and parties will again turn to face the people. Starts and strict implementation of ideological principles. For Ukrainians is also a definite plus. Because to think about the voters politicians can be forced only in such rare moments.Exist . A significant number of undecided is for those who are going to use the administrative resource. There is even a special technology to increase the number of such voters. And usually, she used it to start the flywheel of fraud and overbearing pressure.The second problem is that it is possible to start in the Ukrainian electoral field of Sverige to mobilize the electorate around the party banner. The best veridia in the current situation is the message of protection of Ukraine's independence from external aggressors and their internal mercenaries. This is effective, however, at the same time and ultrahazardous move.Still, whichever option is not elected politicians and technologists, this is not so important. Much more important is that they are forced to succumb to the correction of their plans, tactics and strategy. And what made them do it those whom they disparagingly call . If this trend will continue to grow, maybe, in a few years people will be able to become a full player in the political process.

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