What threatens the life of Ukrainians in the city??? What you need to get rid of... news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

What threatens the life of Ukrainians in the city??? What you need to get rid of... news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn Kiev in full swing "cleansing" of the city from...Kiosks and Parking lots threaten the life of residents?The market under the bridge near the metro station "Palace Ukraine" just scored the trading tents."Komsomolskaya Pravda" visited the place where from plenty of merchants and cars cannot move both for pedestrians and motorists.In Kiev in full swing "cleansing" of the city from the ugly stalls. However, the plans of officials periodically interfere with businessmen who are ready to defend their outlets at any cost. So, on Monday, August 4, was planned dismantling of the two stalls of the market "Youth", located directly on the roadway (Sholom Aleichem), and groups of Safs (small architectural forms), which are under the overpass on the street in Bratislava. However, local traders became chest to protect their tents and barricaded the rows of cars. In the end, the workers could carry only five stalls under the bridge. Whether Mafs disturb the quiet life of the city? Correspondent "KP" tried to figure it out...On "Youth" - Shawarma and stationeryWe visited the area of the market "Youth", near the metro station "Chernihivska". There are merchants not only carry out active business operations, but also leave their jobs auto: car and truck. By the way, the need to demolish at least half of them is not in doubt, even among avid fans Shawarma, stationery and other crap which operate kiosks.- Placement of Kiosks on the road and under the overpass illegal, as contrary to the decision of the Cabinet, said first Deputy Chairman of Kyiv city state administration Denis bass. They not only interfere with traffic, but also very dangerous, because shopping arcade located on the roadway and in the event of an accident or a car accident can bump right in the LFA.Parking near the metro station "Nivki" right under the viaduct.According to him, Mafs installed under the bridge on St. Bratislava, too, placed without permits or are outdated treaties signed in 2004. And therefore their demolition only a matter of time.Moreover, we found under the bridge and Parking lot! But there are not to turn around... and firefighters have argued that such "recreational" cars under the overpass illegal.Nivki - a car parked under the bridgeAnd these "spots" in the city of a hundred! For example, near the bridge on Nivki also planted a huge Parking lot. There is also nearby and natural market.At the metro station "Palace Ukraine", in addition to Parking lots, a couple of years there is a struggle for a place in the market. There were brawls because of the demolition of the kiosks. However, the outlets still work at full speed. Under the bridge crush. At the junction - the eternal traffic jam. In April of last year on the market, "Chestnut" (located close to the village underground) burned down a few tents! Then the fire was called short circuit. The consequences of this state of emergency was so serious that for a time paralyzed the traffic and the subway. And recently, because of the demolition of the kiosks here at all there was a fight on 8 July was the planned demolition of seven illegally installed Kiosks near the metro station. However, when workers arrived at the specified location, the traders met them more than militant. Who beat, it's unclear, but the owner of one of the stalls threatened to take their beating and go to court...Officials promise...- The city looks like an ugly farce! - outraged Kiev-timers. - We had no capital, and a solid market square: with rags, bottles and on the street wearing underwear buyers. Reminiscent of the days of Baty! We run wild on the eyes!Nevertheless, the authorities soothe Metropolitan aesthetes: ugly soon Mafs will be history. KCSA even a contest announced - they say, find an ugly stall and put his picture in the town hall. Instead, the prize - kiosk will carry!As explained in the press service of the KSCA, at the beginning of July on the territory of Kiev was posted more than 5.3 thousand Mafs. For the last month in different parts of the city removed more than 200 stalls. And this is only the beginning...On the market "Youth" cars parked everywhere.CALL THE MAYOR'S OFFICEBasil SHCHERBENKO, the head of the trade and life of the KCSA:- Mafs, located near the market, "Forest", will be demolished. They have nothing to do with the market itself. The market itself is planning to upgrade - it would be similar to a three-storey shopping complex with underground Parking. Work will begin next year.REVIEW FIRE- Placement of Parking lots and stalls under bridges rather not fire normal and man-made. Because the bridges don't burn, but the flame, which can rage through the fault installed at the bottom of the tents or cars, is likely to damage the construction of these overpasses. As an example - case Shulyavka. The town then was lucky - after this heating process, the bridge will not warp.

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