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Life in the credit or loyal customers of the Bank... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIs it profitable to be a regular customer of the Bank...Is it profitable to be a regular customer of the Bank?Loyalty program banks are still not convinced you should give preference to one Bank. After all, as it would be convenient! Posted cumulative Deposit, current account, opened a small credit line... all in one Bank, a familiar and almost native. But for the fact that you are such a good customer like you – the Deposit interest rate greater percentage of lending a little less. And collect a lot of documents is not necessary, and time for paperwork to be less than one, and to prove that you're white and fluffy not worth it. However, such a bright expectations sometimes break the harsh prose of life.As a rule, familiarity with banking products many start with payroll cards issued in the native accounting. Learning to remove the cash from the ATM, I want something more. And then comes the understanding that the loan to buy a fridge seems to be needed. And to save enough money wouldn't hurt... And people are beginning to take interest and other services payroll Bank.Some banks, for example, "Nadra", "FUIB", "UkrSibbank" practiced by the increase of deposits for holders of payroll cards by half a percent.The holders of payroll cards can also count on individual advantages such as accelerated review of lending. Moreover, in some banks they may not provide a certificate of salary – Bank and know about their income.Even if the card is not a salary, you can get their bonuses – in the form of discounts in selected outlets. Huge list of shops and stores where you can using Bank payment cards to reduce costs up to 20%, post on their websites "PrivatBank", "Rodovid Bank", "Ukrprombank", Bank "Finance and Credit".Bring your money...Normally the best deals await those who bear the money in the Bank and puts them on the Deposit. It is understandable – these funds the Bank can profitably sell those customers who want to take the credit.Almost all banks are now resorting to the automatic renewal of the Deposit. Earlier we had at the end of the term to come to the branch and to renew the contract for another term. Now everything is done automatically, and even to basic Deposit rate the Bank adds additional hundredths and tenths of a percent. For what has not withdrawn the entire amount and took it to another Bank on more favorable contribution.But in fact, such a bonus can be fraught with pitfalls. If the Deposit was concluded a long time ago under some action with higher interest, in one year the action can and will end. And even with the addition of 0.5% bonus there is the likelihood that interest on the Deposit will be reduced. So you need to carefully watch. And take into account the fact that the banks are now very hard to attract other people's money.And normal a year ago 15-17% per annum in UAH Deposit are replaced on 18 and even 20%. However, such a high percentage of the Deposit suggest that while not very popular in the financial institutions. Stable banks from first page while not as generous. But rejoice to the high percentage is not worth it – banks are reinsured and from time to time revise the interest on Deposit in the direction of decreasing.Privileges for creditwiseTimely repaid loan – what is not a reason for the Bank to interest the customer again to use your services? Once the person has already proven its credibility and accuracy. However, so far only a couple of banks dared to cut lending rate by 0.3-0.5% for a long private borrowers.The rest of the honest payers with experience can only count on fast processing of applications and the increase in the loan amount in your Bank. And even then not always. Sometimes it is better to look for something more suitable at another Bank.One of the bonuses for regular customers an opportunity to open a credit line secured by Deposit. investors can count on the credit in 70-90% of the Deposit amount.And still be a regular customer of one Bank not really profitable. Apparently, banks are preaching a policy of not retaining old customers and gain new by profitable shares. And all because some financial institutions impose their managers bonuses for attracting new customers and retaining old ones, alas, no one stimulates.Here and rushing customers looking for higher interest on deposits, lower loan, torn between imposed employer payroll cards and the best card-based products at other financial institutions.Personal experienceCount me out of the list of regular clients!A year ago, had the temerity to take a consumer cash loan. At first, the conditions of the Bank seemed normal – like, there are special discounts for companies with whom the Bank has separate agreements. But in the end paid almost 40% per annum – the insurance was added, still any additional charges.Realized that was wrong, but all paid fairly, on time. Happy – though credit history created a good. But after some time the Bank started to get. In the truest sense of the word. First began to arrive in the mailbox on the house-mails with promotional offers. Supposedly, you are such a good customer that we offer exceptionally favorable conditions.Since the loans I take not going, this whole "spam" went into the trash. Then on the mobile phone began insistently come SMSes such advertising content. But the saddest thing – the calls started coming in. Out of interest asked the lady what this proposal I'm going to do as a good borrower. It turns out, is very favorable – lured by the fact that only 1% per month will pay. 12% per year.However, in terms of monthly payments, according to the caller ladies turned out – took a loan of 5 thousand UAH will I have to pay 578 UAH monthly. And immediately offered to write me in the queue to receive such a favorable loan. But I didn't take the bait, and at leisure, all is well counted. The result was that the loan I have to pay almost 39%. That is, the same interest that I had paid for a whole year. But not stated 12%.

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