To buy an apartment... For what?? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

To buy an apartment... For what?? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineOver the past month the average price level in new buildings...In the suburbs fall, the dollar prices in the new buildingOver the past month the average level of prices in new buildings of Moscow region was essentially flat growth relative to August amounted to 1.9% and the weighted average ruble price is fixed at 67.5 thousand rubles per square meter, the dollar price fell in September by 2.6% and amounted to $2672 per sqmAccording to the analytical consulting centre "MIEL", in September 2008 on the primary housing market of Moscow region due to the emergence of a large number of new proposals - 45 objects, or 382,9 thousand square meters - the volume of deals grew by 5.6% in the number of houses or 8.7% of the total area of apartments. Today, the volume amounted to 508 respectively of houses, buildings, or 3027,7 thousand square meters.Most proposals the suburban buildings are concentrated in the West (22.4 percent by number of houses) and the East (16,9%), in contrast, in the cities and towns of Northern and North-Western directions of the sentences slightly to 5.7% and 4.9% respectively.In the reporting period by the number of houses dominated by monolithic buildings - 56,5%, panel objects accounted for 39.6%, brick buildings are the least - 3,9% of homes.According to "MIEL", the volume of supply is dominated houses of the middle class - for 65.7% of homes, new buildings economy class - 32,9%. The average level of prices for apartments in buildings economy and middle class are not significantly different (the difference amounts to 0.7%), which caused a great deal of offers of houses of economy class in the cities and towns adjacent to the ring road. The offer of apartments in houses business-a class minor.General Director of "MIEL" Vladislav Lutskov commented on the situation: "in September with the advent of many new facilities have significantly increased supply while the average level of ruble prices actually remained the same. Since the beginning of the year weighted average price increased by 20.7%. In our assessment by the end of this year is expected to save the quantity, and in a moderate buying activity trend of price stabilization will continue its development. However, the prospects will depend on developments in financial markets and how deep and long will the crisis".As reported, in Moscow in September, we also observed a decrease in the dollar prices of the new building: during the month, the dollar price declined by 0.4% and amounted to $7820 per sqm Average ruble price of apartments in new buildings of the Russian capital (including elite objects) in September increased by 4.2% and amounted to amounted to 197.6 thousand.

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