Modular construction: the house one day - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Modular construction: the house one day - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineBuilding a home – a laborious process and requires considerable time and financial resources. Every year there are new technologies to speed up and facilitate the procedure. Modular construction is one of such innovations."Modular construction is a brand new product for Ukraine, but the product in Europe for over ten years is in great demand", - says Yuri Karnowski, the CEO of one of the authorized dealers for the sale of modular homes. The frame of this house was erected in just one day. "The house is assembled from modules-structural units. One such structural unit is a floor, walls and ceiling, sort of a parallelepiped, the size of three to eight meters in plan and three-meter tall," explains Mikhail sources Kamyshanskii, sales Manager modular homes.The construction of such houses is significantly different from traditional methods. Build houses, as well as its internal and external finishing, the laying of all utilities - electrical, heating, ventilation, plumbing, sewage is done at the factory. At the place of installation only the installation of the building and the connection to external networks. Due to this, and this speed is achieved erection. But do not think that restrospectively house main mass of light gust of wind. The walls thirty centimeter thickness. Ten of them – thermobee, twenty – insulation-polystyrene. "In the joints between the modules are laid embedded parts of a metal plate, a thickness of about a centimeter, "says M. sources Kamyshanskii, they obvalivautsya and this house is a monolith".But to build more than two floors will not work – new technology is not provided. Will not be able to erect the house and on their own, individual project, it is also contrary to the technology. At the same time, the company offers several variants of layouts. Squaring houses ranges from 100 to 250 sq. m. Cost of the "square" with Windows, doors and all communications is ?700. Fully finished, plastered house with built-in WC, bathroom and kitchen will cost ?1000 per sq. m. kitchen Model, external finish the client chooses. In such a house will only pokleit Wallpaper and put the furniture. For an additional ?15 thousand it is possible to order the winter garden, an area of about nine meters. The basement is 90 square meters will cost ?75 thousandDue to heat qualities, the house tends thermos: in winter it is warm, cool in summer. The office regulates home automation: depending on the need, raises the temperature and lowers. Electric boiler and all communications are in one, special place that facilitates the management. In case of any problem, the host or master will always know where to fix it. For each wall has its own attached map, with indication, where those or other communications.

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