Buyers disappeared! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Buyers disappeared! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineDesperate developers rushed to sell their projects or...The market supply of suburban housing in the vicinity of the capital exceeded demand seven times, but prices continue to riseIn the market of cottage towns of Kyiv suburbs overstock: supply exceeded demand seven times. Desperate developers rushed to sell their projects or freeze their implementation to better times. As a result, about half of the reported cottages around the capital may remain unfinished.Buyers have evaporatedThis season was extremely unfortunate for developers of cottage townships around the capital: according to the testimony of the operators, this spring and summer the number of actual buyers has decreased compared to the same period last year nearly doubled. According to marketing Director of a construction company Andrew Boldarev, today sell one or two houses per month is a very good indicator for the sales Department in virtually any building towns organization. But the dynamics they can be sold for decades. - said the expert.More optimistic data on dynamics of the sales lead in SV Development. According to the marketing Director of the company Vladimir Stepenko, YTD under construction in the villages sold about 1.2 thousand cottages and townhouses, and some more are planning to implement before the end of the year. - he says.A sharp fall in demand for houses in civilized towns, according to analysts, due to the same reasons as the crisis in the primary and secondary real estate market of the capital. Paramount, according to the Director of the Department of real estate management company Anna Skripkina, have difficulties in obtaining loans. - she explains. Head of the Department of suburban real estate company Eugene Kuzmenko added that a sharp drop in sales is also called the wait-and-see stance taken by potential buyers with financial resources. - she believes.Prices are rising selectivelyDespite the fact that the buyers have left the market of cottage towns of the capital, and sales fell significantly, the cost of the household under the capital continues its average growth. According to the company , for the full year, prices rose by 7-8%, and on 1 September 2008, the average price of a house in a civilized town was $437,8 thousand - $1,76 thousand for sq. m. As reported by the CEO of Link Development Yaroslav Tsukanov, the basis of this paradoxical phenomenon is the increase in construction costs (materials, labor, payments to local authorities, etc.), as well as the desire of developers to increase the profitability of their projects because of the surge in terms of their implementation and the frustration of fiscal revenues. At the same time, the expert notes that the cost growth was very uneven and affect not more than a fifth of the projects. - said Mr. Tsukanov.Sentence structure of cottages near KievSuch towns, according to the interviewed experts, steel (both - Kyiv region) and (Brovary direction) in which, contrary to the overall trend in the market today, the most successful are building and selling. According to an , in the course of this year the price of houses in the complex have already raised three times (total 14%), and from October 1, the project owners will raise them again by 4%. More than 14.2% (from $210 thousand to 240 thousand) prices rose from June to September in the cottages and in 7.2% (from $110 to 118 thousand thousand) for the townhouses . To the villages in which there are real construction and rising prices, Vladimir Stepenko considers 17 of cottage villages in the suburbs of the capital: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and . - said Mr. Stepenko.In most villages sold in the suburbs of the capital (30 from 50), according to experts, the construction is barely glimmer or even stood still, and their owners, by contrast, offer discounts. But the attention of potential customers they attract. - says Yaroslav Tsukanov. The main reasons for freezing the most part put up for sale objects, according to Vladimir Stepenko, is the increased competition, the lack of funding and initial problems with sales due to errors in planning.What to expectAnalyzing immediate prospects of the market of cottage townships, experts agree that even under the most optimistic sales results this year (1.4 to 1.7 million households) developers will be able to realize only a fifth of the already exposed cottages (8.4 thousand). Considering that in the next year or two, according to previously made statements must begin sale in 55 projects, with a total Seating capacity of 12 thousand households, with the current level of demand for their implementation will take about 15 years. On this basis, Andrey Boldarev believes that will remain unfulfilled, about half of the announced projects. Black, as always will be buyers who will not receive already paid for the cottages and at best would only be able to return the invested funds through the courts. But the sad consequences are not excluded and for buyers who have invested money in a relatively successful projects. According to the President of Ukrainian real estate group Sergey Klimenko, despite its apparent success, the developers of these towns also have problems with financing schedule, so part of them will be forced to reduce the number of houses in the composition of the towns, and most importantly - to save on infrastructure. That is promised in the large towns, shopping centres, swimming pools, Parking lots, hotels, etc., the future owners of the houses can not wait.According to Anna Skripkina, in the near future in the market of cottage townships expect a further reduction of effective demand and changes its structure. - said the expert. According to experts, the financial crisis in the near future will significantly slow down the pace of development of suburban real estate market, resulting in some of the projects will be frozen for an indefinite period, and the part can be implemented with some discounts. According to Vladimir Stepenko, in those towns that initially have inflated the value of homes, it is possible to expect falling of the prices for 15-20% or to the level of average. With this view agrees Andrey Boldarev, who notes that in unsuccessful projects would be expected sagging prices by 20-40%, however, it is likely that many developers are more likely to decide in favor of stopping the implementation of projects.Experts also agree that the next six months will be for the market of cottage townships time active sales projects among other developers. For example, recently about the decision to get rid of the projects in the field of cottage property stated (sells the project is in town.

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