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NOT ENOUGH at all or a GLOBAL ISSUE! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineHowever, the problem of shortage of Parking spaces only gets harder and...Parkings not enough at allOn the need for broad construction of urban parks of Kyiv city planners say the first year. During these conversations, however, the problem of shortage of Parking spaces only becomes harder and sharper.About seven years ago, has been designed for the capital layout of Parking areas, involving the construction of 45 critical city facilities. Most of it was planned they near remote from the center and end stations, where guests of the capital could Park their cars and take public transport (so-called cut-off Parking lots).In addition, it was planned to equip the Parking spaces in the heart of the historic buildings, including the Welt beneath the streets and Vladimir.At the time, however, it remained unclaimed, and in a recent attempt to return to the previous developments, the city planners found that most of the sites that were supposed to be reserved for the construction of car parks, including municipal, today is given to the construction of other commercial buildings.Attempt number twoThis situation forced city planners to return to the topic of the construction of urban parks and to develop a new layout in the center of Kiev multistory underground, overground Parking lots and garages for the period up to 2020. According to the chief architect on the project Nikolai Tretyakov, layout of Parking involves providing the city with 350 thousand car spaces (in the capital has already registered more than a million cars, plus don't forget many - not accounted for - thousands of machines with nonresident numbers filling the streets of the capital). The construction of the first buildings one year ago was allocated about 26 sites.By 2020, this target use planned 94 land. According to the scheme in the Central part of the city will house high-rise Parking lots, and on the periphery - underground-ground maximum number of storeys to 5 storeys.Near major transportation hubs plans to build unloading Parking lots. Suggested that Parking space located in the center, has assumed a dual function - in the morning and in the afternoon there will be the cars of people coming to work in the Central part of the city, and in the evening the residents of the area.The role of multi-level Parking near metro stations - to reduce car traffic in the center of Kiev. In addition, according to the authors of the project, due to the fact that the value of land within the boundaries of Kiev is constantly growing, and the number is rapidly decreasing, groundwater-surface Parking lots can be built on the places of the current garage cooperatives.To look for new approachesThe relevance of this project. In particular, Anatole Karminsky, head "Kievconnections", recalled that at the last decade in Kiev, any schemes and systems that were built quite a large number of various parks, including hotels, shopping malls and other places. But today, almost all of them sold or subsequent to the date for long term rent or for permanent storage of vehicles or other purposes. Meanwhile on the streets, in the most inappropriate places, including on sidewalks, parked a huge number of cars.The expert believes that instead of scheduling dozens of Parking lots, which for various reasons may never be built, probably, more correct would be to find a place to put at least 5 municipal Parking lots, the construction of which is really real. Of all the options proposed, the most promising - Parking on Libidskoy square.Architect Oleg Leleko, also does not believe in the imminent implementation of the plan. In addition, he believes that architects should get rid of stereotypes - the construction of Parking lots in residential buildings in two levels with underground placement decision. Life forces us to rethink all previous projects. Today, subject to the resolution of technical issues, it is necessary to equip the Parking garages on the ground floors of objects with different functions. This practice suggests the world experience. For example, there are buildings where 15 ground levels given over to Parking, and above offices. The architect believes that it is the period when our understanding of the possibilities of construction of infrastructure facilities in existing urban areas and of the urban environment itself is changing dramatically.The Declaration is not an incentiveToday in Kiev there are about 10 specialized multilevel Parking. They are usually in shopping malls. More or less successful parks in the capital there are not more than five. Among them - "White Whale" under the Bessarabian quarter, which can accommodate 500 people. The popularity of the facility has led to the concentration of shopping and office centers in this part of the city. During peak hours there is no free space, and in the evening it is filled with the cars of residents of nearby houses.No less successful experts consider Parking in the shopping center "Caravan".Quite popular Parking near the Department store "Ukraine", although there are problems, such as lack of easy access and the possibility of on-street Parking under the store. Developers announced plans for the construction of four-level Parking on the street by Predslavenskaya and Antonovich. According to the press service of the Institute "Kievgenplan", it is planned to create the garage under the European area, but so far none of the submitted projects do not meet modern requirements.It is obvious that no Declaration and no matter how perfect the scheme will not force developers to undertake its implementation, if they don't have a real commercial interest. The main reason for the reluctance to engage in the construction of Parking lots is their lack of profitability.According to Yuri Karpenko, General Director of JV "Basis Solsif, construction costs per Parking space at the center is $18-20 thousand Profitability of such facilities is less than 10% per year. Not to mention the residential facilities, the construction of which remains to be the most favorable, the average yield on commercial and office centers in Kyiv is 15-20%.Therefore, in order to reach payback in 3-5 years, the owner is forced half cars to sell, the other half to rent out that, in fact, occur in existing buildings.To improve profitability Parking experts advise developers to expand service - add a sink, a car shop. Under these conditions, the facility can pay for itself in 2.5-3 years.

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