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Deposits have to fight for that! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineRate hung at the maximum...Rates hovered at maximumThe deposits have a chance to fight inflation.In early summer we wrote about the fact that, despite the growth of interest rates on deposits in Ukrainian banks, such investments proved unprofitable. The annual rate of inflation more than doubled the income from Bank deposits. Today, the stakes still remain high and inflation could be reduced, making deposits is very attractive.The inflationary OutlookHow increased or lowered prices in August, is not yet known. Usually Goskomstat data appear 4-5 numbers. But, apparently, the country will again be recorded deflation, i.e. the cost of goods and services included in the consumer basket to fall. Recall that in July in Ukraine had been recorded the price decrease of 0.5%, while in January - July the inflation rate was 14.9%. The government is still full of optimism and predicts that by the end of the year it slowed to 15.9% from 16.6 percent last year.Experts don't believe it. Although steel is heard and less gloomy forecasts. Previously, many had forecast the price growth for the year at the level of 22-25%. The sad prediction made by the chamber. According to them, inflation could be 30%. But now sound more restrained and forecasts.For example, the former head of the national Bank of Ukraine Sergey TIGIPKO believes that the government can keep inflation in 2008 at 18%. True, we need the help of Parliament. According to Tigipko, the Parliament it is expedient to simplify the import of food imports into the country, and the government - to strengthen the saturation of the market with food.Even of the presidential Secretariat, where it is impossible to hear a single good word to the government, there are opinions that do not exclude annual price growth at 18.5%. This opinion was expressed in August, the first Deputy head of the presidential Secretariat Oleksandr SHLAPAK.It turns out that, according to optimistic forecasts for the remaining four months of this year prices will rise by 4%. That is, inflation is at 1% per month. But if the fall in oil prices, and therefore on fuel, will continue, then there is every chance that the government will not go beyond these forecasts.What's the price?Now the interest rate in national currency in most banks is over 17%, and in some of them reach up to 21% per annum. Foreign currency deposits generate lower profits. Deposits in dollars bring from 12 to 13.5%, the same yield of deposits in Euro.What can be noted is the great generosity of domestic banks. From financial institutions of foreign lower rates. On average they offer 1-2% less than Ukrainian.According to specialists, there are no big differences in the ways in which Bank to invest - Ukrainian or foreign. Judge for yourself. Foreigners are our people, with offices on the territory of Ukraine, and all operations are conducted according to Ukrainian legislation. Foreigners also check on domestic and financiers, so from the point of view of reliability they have no special advantages. I think the particular anguish about where to put money, investor today should not occur. You can go to any Bank with a good deal.Choose between the dollar and hryvniaWhat currency for Deposit to choose - the most difficult question. On the one hand, the difference between interest rates in domestic and foreign currency is about 6%. Therefore, particularly if the course will not change, other options besides the hryvnia, no.On the other hand, many analysts believe that the fall of the dollar will rise. The first signs of this were already visible last week. On Thursday at the interbank foreign exchange market selling rate of the dollar jumped to 4.75 USD./$ whereas a few days before that, he was 4,62-a 4.64 USD./$ . According to experts, the high demand for the American currency provoked buy the NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine". During the first decade of September, the company needs to buy $ 1.5 billion to pay for imported gas. Bankers believe that the company can raise cash interbank and courses until the official hryvnia, which is 4,85 USD./$ .After intensive procurement rate may slightly fall, but at the same time due to the increased business activity of the hryvnia is at risk to fall by 4%.This means that for a dollar interest rate of 13.5%, you can add another 4%, which will give the result of 17.5% in the good.But with the Euro is not so simple. In the coming months, the European currency may lose another 4-5% of its value. According to analysts, the new year is the ratio of EUR/USD may fall to the level of 1.40 (now 1,46-1,48). In this case, even when the devaluation of the hryvnia, which will be offset by the weakening of the Euro, it is unlikely the final profit will exceed the Deposit rate.TIPSCreate a multi-currency basketFor those who can't choose a particular currency pair and is afraid of losing fluctuations, this handy tip: divide the funds that are going to Deposit, into three parts and open deposits in UAH, USD and EUR. This way you will protect your savings from the fluctuations in the world currency exchanges, and policy of the NBU.

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