Why more expensive property? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Why more expensive property? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe real estate market Rivne today not the best times — from the beginning of the summer sales had halved. However the price...Housing is expensive in Exactly bribes to officials!The real estate market Rivne today not the best times — from the beginning of the summer sales had halved. However the price of real estate has not changed, though, and to build apartment buildings in the regional center is also not cease.Soon will build a 5-storey house on Rue Chopin.— After the holidays we will start the preparatory work: to remove garages, srseiona trees, carry the network, — said the head of the regional office of the firm Intergal-Bud Yuri Bunyak. — Then proceed to the pit. Will pass the house in operation in the fourth quarter of next year, had planned that the construction will take a year and a half. This house with two entrances with Elevator in each. There will be one -, two - and three-bedroom apartments, a total of 54 apartments and underground Parking for 35 seats. With the help of local authorities will find common ground with people who are against the construction. Those who have garages that can provide space in the underground Parking of the house, or move them to another location. The same applies to the Playground, let's arrange it on that site, under which it will allocate local authorities. And took account of comments and moved the entry to the underground Parking, it will now be off the street is a Small Descent, and not from the yard.The current cost per square meter in the future 5-storey building — 9 thousand hryvnias.While the apartment does not sell, practiced the selling of the property, when built at least the first floor, " said Mr. Bunyak. — If the price of building materials will remain stable, the cost per square meter of housing will not increase after the commissioning of the house.The apartment should cost 25-30 thousandRealtors say that now the situation in the real estate market is contradictory: supply exceeds demand, but the price holds, is not reduced. Not willing to predict how long it will last, will rise in price or cheaper housing in the fall.— Today's real estate market stagnation, much more offer than demand, no buyers. Ifthe market pakoras the economy, the price of housing must fall, but she stands still, not decreasing, " said the Deputy Director of Agency of real estate "Chelsea" Alex buchinsky. — What will happen to the price of real estate further, it is difficult to predict. Might change the government's policy regarding the national Bank and the market will come to life. After all, when in the early summer loans limited, raised the stakes, have imposed more stringent conditions of obtaining credits for purchase of housing, buyers had halved. If used to extinguish the loan to a young family could help parents, now its much harder to get, because you need to show clear income, which in most cases even less than the amount monthly to give the Bank to repay the loan.Alex buchinsky notes that the price of housing in Ukraine is too high, the average citizen can't buy even a Studio apartment. Moreover, the improvement of housing conditions, needs half of the Ukrainians.— If we draw a parallel with Europe, compare the price per square meter with capita income, purchasing power, then a Studio apartment in Rivne should cost 25-30 thousand dollars, — says Alexei buchinsky. — The current value of 60-65 thousand dollars for a one-bedroom apartment — not for our population. Ideally, a young family needs to take out a loan to buy housing, as is done abroad. But in today's conditions it is possible to buy only a more spacious housing, improve living conditions, if you sell one - or two-bedroom apartment and buy accordingly two or three bedroom. The situation with real estate so much so, that to use it properly is difficult, buy apartment under the offices, shops. The price artificially Packed, it is non-market, demand does not dictate the cost of housing. Those who are buying condos, hesitant on it because of that fear that eventually they will rise. The demand for housing is there, but no money to buy it. In Europe revenue construction firm is 10-12 percent. But due to the fact that we have corruption in the cost of housing includes bribes to officials. Builders pay a lot left to get a building permit to have the facility in operation. Bribes they pay from their income. When calculate the estimate for the construction, already take into account their amount.Room turn movesThis year 11 thousand tourists who are on the housing register at Rivne city Executive Committee, housing from the state received only one person. Monthly 30-40 citizens are applying to the Department of accounting and distribution of housing to be on the housing queue.— For investor in early summer bedroom apartment on Quiet street has allocated disabled veteran — said the Deputy head of the Department of accounting and distribution of housing in Rivne city Executive Committee Igor Kucheruk. — If this year will pass the house, then the apartment they will get retired military personnel, disabled people fighting in Afghanistan who were victims of the Chernobyl accident. Houses are built at the expense of the State budget for these categories of people. Now on the housing register 210 are discharged soldiers, 19 disabled fighting in Afghanistan, one and a half thousand victims of the Chernobyl accident. On the housing register at the city hall today, there are 11 thousand people. Monthly 30-40 people come to us to become on the queue for housing. Room turn now moving downwards, but due to the fact that we remove from the register those who were not in need of better housing conditions that have left, or died, and not through the allocation of housing.Soon, someone from the housing register will be able to live in a Studio apartment on the street Konovalets, 38. Although this house has put into operation a year ago, still not identified the person who will receive the keys to this apartment. Accommodation is located on the ground floor, the investor of the construction of a donated apartment city, according to conditions of the signed contract. Last year when building the house it was the only fully finished apartment in a five-storey building. Here installed interior doors, glued Wallpaper, laid the floor, here, it seemed, it was possible to enter, arrange furniture on it and live.— This apartment is not yet distributed, — said the head of the city Department of capital construction Sergey Polotsk. — There is not held 100% renovated, so we were obliged to do everything necessary. After the celebration of the city will evaluate the performance of our observations. Then we can say who will get the apartment.

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