Modern trends in the development of real estate in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Modern trends in the development of real estate in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineDespite some problems, primarily with unstable political situation in Ukraine and, in particular, in Kyiv grow production volumes, as well as the pace of retail trade. In turn, manufactured goods must be stored somewhere. In addition, in the present situation, when the time factor is one of most important very important operational turnarounds.This explains the growing need for high-quality warehouse complexes. Modern logistics complex is not only a storage space for a variety of goods, but rather a complex mechanism. Needs to make sure that the product was delivered on time to the warehouse, placed in accordance with the rules and regulations and also in time taken further by appointment.Today logistics includes, in addition to warehousing products, and transportation, liability insurance and protection of goods in transit, transportation, customs clearance services, safekeeping of goods, loading and unloading, sorting and ordering equipment, processing products according to special customer requirements, air cargo handling and much more.The growing popularity of warehouses of class "A" and "b" in particular is associated with an increase in the number of foreign companies that demand high-quality warehouses. In addition to Russian companies increase the efficiency of their work that requires high standards of storage, and a wide and qualitative range of services and features that are available in the warehouses of high class, increases the productivity of manufacturing companies.The main consumers of high-end logistics facilities today are, first of all, logistics companies, large FMCG companies and the manufacturers of various industrial products. The majority of new warehouse complexes at the stage of construction are submitted to the Department of logistics companies on the open market units. According to experts sotsmart, this is due to the fact that manufacturers of consumer goods are interested in quality storage and maintenance of their products, which turn to professionals in this segment of the real estate market.Typically, the customers of these companies prefer to outsource 100% of logistics services. Outsourcing refers to the delegation of an external contractor to implement the objectives of the company not related to the main activities of this company.As large retail chains, they prefer to build their own warehouses and serve them yourself. This primarily applies to companies that sell food products, medicines, cosmetics.In recent years much more popular specialized warehouse facilities, providing the opportunity to create special temperature conditions inside the building, and intended for the storage of dangerous goods.socmart-fotoВ whole, the vacancy rate of class logistics complexes in Kiev and Kiev region tends to zero. This is because we still have the vast majority of warehouses (80%, according to sotsmart) are metal or reinforced concrete hangars, or converted industrial premises and high-quality warehouse complexes only a few dozen.At the same time, the demand for high-quality warehousing space far exceeds supply and continues to grow. This situation affects, primarily, to the increase of rental rates, annual growth for several years does not fall below 20%. However, this does not deter potential consumers of quality warehouses, ready to pay rent, far exceeding the European average.It should also be noted that a few years ago, one of the basic requirements of the potential consumers of warehouse space was placing no further than 10 km from the city limits, today willingly considers proposals for warehouses located 30-40 km from Kiev. An important requirement in this case is the availability of convenient access road and, if possible, of the railway line. The most popular destinations on the basis of data, received by the company sotsmart the study warehousing, are Western (Zhytomyr highway), North West (Warsaw highway), South (Odessa highway) and Moscow direction as on these tracks is the highest traffic.One of the reasons for increasing the distance at which new objects, is to create a massive warehouse complex required land large areas with favorable topography, which in the immediate vicinity of the city is almost gone. In this situation, developers are forced to build warehouses at a considerable distance from the city limits.As a rule, most of the new logistics facilities have the following specifications: "pallet" technology of processing and storage of cargoes, column spacing h m, height of ceilings clean – 9,5-12,5 m, floor load – 5-8 tons/sq m, smooth floors with anti-dust coating, 1 loading dock at 650-1000 sq m, modern engineering communications and infrastructure, sprinkler system, security guard around the perimeter of the complex, etc.A positive factor for the successful development of warehouse real estate market in Ukraine is also providing opportunities for our country to host the FIFA European football championship Euro 2012. This should stimulate the growth of production and trade. In turn will require a large capacity for transportation and storage of goods, which should create favorable conditions for the construction of new facilities.

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