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Give us money!!! It's BLACKMAIL!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThan able to turn into an ultimatum employee employer...Blackmail as a way of raising wages: the effect may be unexpectedThan able to turn into an ultimatum employee employerFaced with a choice: to resort to blackmail or to talk openly with management?Permanent monitoring sites on job search is not always an indication that the person is going to resign. Often the staff just wants to make up their minds about the demand for the profession, salaries and growth prospects in this market. And knowing that the salary for a similar position for a competitor for $50 more, many immediately start to blackmail native of the employer."Or raise my salary, or I quit!" - with this or about this statement from time to time faced by most employers. Respond to this threat in different ways, depending on the values of the employee, the reasonableness of his demands, opportunities and many other factors. What is "blackmail dismissal": an effective way to improve the salary or method that should be used only in the most extreme case?Do not be fooled about its significanceExperts say that blackmail is usually used in two cases: either blackmailed employee is really is one of the key positions in the company, or severely deluded about his own importance. And, by the way, the corrupted a lot.Some of the staff are easy to hire and easy to fire - so no blackmail will not help"Conventionally, all specialists can be divided into three major subgroups: very valuable, the average values and the bushing. The first are highly valued and are provided with favorable working conditions and good salary. The second are also appreciated, but benefits are shared – they can be transferred to another Department, send to school, a little to increase the salary. As for the "walk-through", there is already the name speaks for itself. They are easy to hire, easy to fire, and the company from doing anything cardinally will not change," - said Vice-President of the SPC "Humanities" Victoria Egorova. According to her, any organization can be advantageous to take such an employee for a few months, to pay him half and without regret to leave, not lamented over spent on its growth forces and means. And, of course, no blackmail will not help.The company as a blacksmith of his own happinessAccording to the head of marketing Department chain stores ProStor Victoria Gnatok, a lot depends on the specific employee, and from the company. "Our employees we offer many ways for development. And really talented, proactive, self-motivated person in our company there is no need to offer any ultimatums, because his work and commitment of the leadership seen before," said Gnatok. According to her, "forming their own system of relations, each company independently lays in the corporate Foundation for all future successes and challenges, that is itself a "blacksmith" team spirit. As you know, what goes around, comes around. So we try to keep personal and professional principles of the applicant is consistent with ours. This approach virtually eliminates the appearance in our team of random people".Nevertheless, polls show that labour is "underpaid", in connection with which some employees believe that it is possible to push the employer to the "right" decision. However, this is not all.As any action directed against the person, blackmail causes a reaction"If an employee is trying to blackmail me, we're not going to get along, no matter how valuable it may be. It is well known that the blackmailer doesn't calm down never, and every time requires more and more, and blackmail in the workplace is no different from that which is punishable by law", - said the Director of one of capital firms, who requested anonymity. According to him, the unwritten rule followed by almost all the leaders with the experience, – to withstand the "Mat pause." That is not to give an answer immediately, and for the time taken for reflection, allocate responsibilities blackmailer between other employees, then quietly bow out with a blackmailer."Blackmail in essence is a crime against the person, and, like any such action, blackmail causes a reaction. From Blackmailers always strive to get rid of either removing the cause, or the blackmailer," says Pelton. According to her, even if the employee blackmail improve their position, because the decision was made by the government under pressure, the employee will not forgive. And soon the blackmailer will notice that profitable customers do not admit to it, interesting orders are not generally try to neutralize. "Besides receiving blackmail letters successfully triggers a maximum of one time - if the employee is really in the moment indispensable guide not ready for his loss. Next time, the Manager will be alert and will be able to prepare," says the psychologist.To create a positive image difficultOften, employees have resorted to similar, but not to such a drastic way. Namely: the employee informs the employer that he was offered a higher paying and prestigious job, but... he refused.As explained by a psychologist Marina Derkach, "and in this case to achieve the desired effect is not always possible. Often such statements are not only not increase the employee's status in the eyes of the leadership and create a positive image of a loyal employee, but look ridiculous. The employer will inevitably raise the question of why such a lucrative offer was not accepted? Maybe the employee doubts in your abilities? Or too lazy to start over? Or maybe just make up a story in order to Jack up the price?".The market appears more and more companies, under any circumstances, not retaining employees who want to leaveAccording to the psychologist, from the supervisor would be unwise to increase the specialist in the position or increase his salary just because somewhere he promised more. "Salaries, bonuses and positions should be distributed depending on merit and not on external factors, sometimes invented," says Derkach.By the way, the market is more and more companies that adhere to the principle "never, under any circumstances, to retain employees who want to leave." And the reason lies in the fact that the blackmail on the part of subordinates has long ceased to be a rare occurrence. As told the Internet newspaper "NOW" the recruiter recruiting company HRC Talents Natalia Voskoboynikov, due to the fact that the company repurchased from each other valuable employees, employers are becoming victims of blackmail by professionals with a unique experience that cannot be easily replaced. The choice of the small employer either to satisfy their demands (probably until the next sentence from the outside), or to lose a valuable frame.When to ask for a raise?If the employee truly believes that he is worth more and can count on the best place would be correct not to blackmail, and to talk openly with management. Then he or I will honestly give you a raise, or honestly go to another place, says Pelton.By the way, insiders say that asking for a raise need at the right moment. Depending on the circumstances, for the same merits can at some point to give the heave, and in some-to increase the salary by 1.5-2 times. That the appropriate moment has come, can testify completed successful trade, profit growth, market entry of a strong competitor, as well as personal "punches above its weight".To request a raise is better on WednesdayBut, for example, American sociologists have found that asking for a raise is better on Wednesday. Data collected during the survey showed that "petitions" in this day ended more successfully. "As far as results are applicable to Ukrainian realities, hard to say. In any case, we can say that we cannot rely on the satisfaction of its request only on the grounds that it was heard on Wednesday," says Derkach. By the way, even on Wednesdays experts advise to ask for a salary increase of no more than once (max twice) a year.The experts of the HR market, we strongly advise you to avoid categorical ultimatums. Best way to present their demands veiled, and the perfect option is generally to use the tactic of spreading rumors.And finally, the most important rule of safe wasn't bluffing. In case an ultimatum won't work, it would be nice to have in the asset alternative proposal – otherwise you can stay on the street. Good news for Blackmailers: given the shortage of valuable human resources, employers, contrary to common sense, still go forward.

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