Why are you lying cabins protect from eavesdropping? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Why are you lying cabins protect from eavesdropping? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineSoon in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the presidential Secretariat and the headquarters of several political forces will appear lockers, protecting against eavesdropping, according to the edition "Business".The Executive and the party decided to use the experience of the Party leader of regions Victor YanukovychAs Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovych budget for half a million hryvnias bought a shielded room "Cabin guarantor 5". "Guarantor 5", with an area of 10 square meters, is in steel, like a refrigerator, making it impossible for her audition. It Ministers gathered at a secret meeting.It turned out that the mysterious booths produce former security - brothers Sergey and Alexey Rymarenko. To the customer, the booth brothers will cost at least 100 thousand dollars. However, every year the price increases. The reason is that improved technique for listening, therefore, is growing and the price of materials used for production of Cabinet.The main customers of the company brothers Rymarenko are state agencies. For services to the brothers were approached by the security Service of Ukraine. Among the customers are also present, the Ministry of defense and Ministry of interior, tax administration.In political parties the possibility of a shielded room to comment on either refuse, or claim that such statements are nothing more than the machinations of rivals. Andriy Shkil, the people's Deputy from BYUT, such gossip indignantly called delirium and assured that the BYUT such steps will not go ever.Almost the same reaction followed by Mykhailo Chechetov from the Party of regions. The MP said that such plans of his political force hears for the first time.More calmly to questions about the wiretapping took his party colleague Vasyl Horbal. "This is an important strategic issue. I think a lot of the current deputies, natives of business, have its consultants in the matter of listening. Besides these booths are present in reputable companies", - said the MP. As an example, he cited Ukreximbank. Shielded room there appeared one of the first in the country.In Ukreximbank to the question about the Cabinet not responded either negatively or positively. "The internal security of the Bank. Although personally, I such booths in the Bank is not seen," said one of the employees of the institution.Associate Minister Tymoshenko Vladimir Polokhalo believes that in Ukraine the problem of wiretapping is one of the main politicians. And to eradicate this problem is necessary at the legislative level. "Cabinet is the only way to protect themselves in their own environment. And not entirely effective," he said. To resist the emergence of booths Polokhalo will not.The Deputy of Our Ukraine Yuriy Karmazin admitted that the rumors about the purchase lockers from listening on the sidelines appeared recently: "I don't know how this is true information, but talking about it has taken place.".

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