The apartment Scam: Renaissance fraudulent skill - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The apartment Scam: Renaissance fraudulent skill - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAccording to the Kyiv police, citizens often fall into the trap of apartment scams. In most cases, the victims are people lonely or drinkers.Most often, the scammers earn laziness and carelessness of buyers. The Treaty, as you know, takes into account all costs when buying or renting property. But no one is immune from that in the contract there can be many additional points, having missed that, You can get to the money.Do not leave space between the linesTo avoid becoming victims of scams you need to carefully sign the power of attorney. You can't leave a space between the text of the agreement and signature.Cheaper to giveThere are scammers who will assure You not to execute the contract of sale, and to give You the apartment. According to them, this You and they will be cheaper and will save you from unnecessary fuss with documents.You pay money, You will be given the rights to the apartment. Everything seems to be legit, but there is a caveat: according to Ukrainian legislation, the man who brought You the apartment in the course of the year can take it back if the apartment will be kept in poor condition.Six months after the signing of papers, the owner may sue You in the court under the pretext that You have made repairs in the apartment, I ruined the state, etc. And the decision may be made not in Your favor.Fictitious AgencyA very common way of cheating customers. You find phone the real estate Agency, which sells low-cost apartments. Call us, and You are offered for a fee to find You offers. You pay and get a whole list of suitable apartments.Directly to the firm show you the layout of the apartment, tell you all about its benefits, and are asked to make a small Deposit or even pay in full. But now many people became victims of scams and definitely require to inspect the apartment.So please You go to inspect the apartment, chatting with the owner who in fact is familiar scams. You are already sure that You are not deceived, and pay the money. And then you learn that the contract is invalid. How could this happen? But the fact is that "real estate Agency" who sold You an apartment, does not license the Commission of such transactions. You are left with no money and no apartment.Contributions to housing under constructionTo buy an apartment in advance – it's a guarantee that in a few years You get the apartment in your desired area, and nobody will buy. You are given to review the documents of the company, with plans of buildings in different parts of the city that do not cause any suspicion.But a few months before the end of the construction firm suddenly disappears, and everyone who bought an apartment there, remain deceived. Company executives are declared wanted, but catching criminals, You have to wait a long time, and You will be left with nothing.Speculators in real estate after the failure of existing schemes, developing new, so think of real estate transactions with care, especially suspiciously "competitive proposals". It is known that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap.Sale of rented flatsAttackers make good lodging somewhere in the center of Kiev and put up for sale. People come, look and even leave a Deposit to "stake out" the apartment. If customers ask for documents, scammers show fake or fed fables, they are not here.Given that the apartments are not cheap nowadays, the Deposit could be $5-15 thousand. So the thieves collected from one apartment a couple inclinations and hide. Sometimes the scammers play the whole performances.Recently one girl from Kiev asked the middle-aged woman asking for help. They say, she is my sister arrived from Moscow and plans to open in Kiev sewing workshop. One problem: because of the lack of Ukrainian citizenship have any problems with the IRS. And offered to the pensioner to open an account in her name - say, "Moskvichka" waiting for translation from Russia. And promised one thousand hryvnias.Gastralia was frequently visited by the victim. Came to complain about her to the atrocities of the tax: if you don't want to register her company, as she has no nedvijimosti and registration. And asked the family for a couple of hours to vacate the apartment. At this time, she said, an inspector is satisfied that housing it has.

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