You sold a DEFECTIVE APPLIANCES??? How to change it? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

You sold a DEFECTIVE APPLIANCES??? How to change it? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineBig wash. Broken washing machine can turn into a month explanation of the relationship with the selling company...Replaceable defective product with a legal approachBig wash. Broken washing machine can turn into a month explanation of the relationship with the selling company.Chores as a giftThe law should be on the consumer side at the time of warranty service. Sometimes, store-bought washing machine, can work a year and a half without interruption, and then the problems begin - until the lack of life signs. Fix "mistress Laundry" maybe in the next month to pick up all your time and energy.Often applications in customer service take several days. Typically, you will have to call back to customer support, where you promise to send a technician. Looking at the machine, you will be told the reason she is out of order, but will not eliminate it. Expect a new master will have a few days, wyzwania it. Often customer service to explain what the important parts are there, they assured me they would refund the money or replace an old model with a new one.Within 2 weeks you must exchange the machine. During this time, the desired item may not appear. The procedure of returning the machine to the store will take another four days: with the service of transportation is difficult to arrange the time of arrival.Stores go to any lengths to sell a product.But the service of sold equipment with much less fervorWait for the callSimilar story in Ukraine is not uncommon. The web pages of public organizations involved in consumer protection, and other specialized websites are filled with hundreds of complaints of domestic consumers, disgruntled at the lack of warranty service.Problems with maintenance and repairs are not only household appliances, but with the more expensive acquisitions.The businessman Dmitry Martynyuk from Donetsk bought in the showroom "Donetsk-Auto" new car Opel Astra GTC. Vehicle warranty extended to five years of operation, unlimited mileage. "On the run 42 thousand km of transmission literally fell apart, it leaked oil, took off the parts," says the entrepreneur. According to him, had to hire a tow truck and for 70 miles to deliver the car to the service center in Donetsk. "Officially the car for repairs, no one took. Now she is just standing there. Must conduct research examination, which will reveal whether breakage due to improper operation, or is it a manufacturer's defect", – sadly says Dmitry Martynyuk.Consumers complain that sellers are any more or less significant reason to refuse to replace the defective product or return it for money. Family Kyiv engineer Ivan Gladchuk purchased music center. "Our apartment is small, so the box from under him we threw out," says Ivan. But acquiring the delighted new owners long: two weeks later, the equipment broke down. Service center concluded that the repair is impractical, because it would be very expensive. "We went to the store with the requirement to replace the music center, but they refused, citing the fact that we don't have boxes", says bitter experience Gladchuk.They're at itSell home appliances companies claim that they do their best to improve the quality of support services. "Our company policy in the field of service can serve as an example of attention to their consumers", said a leading specialist company "Foxtrot. Home appliances" Elena Mikhaylovskaya. So, at the time of the warranty repair shop upon request of the client can provide the product of the exchange Fund.According to Ms. Mikhailovskaya, employees can track not only the complaints received from the customers directly to the company, but also disgruntled reviews on sites on the Internet, trying to connect with buyers and help them. "For example, we have established contact with the public organization "Quality of life" – gives the example of a leading specialist. And if the clients of the company "Foxtrot. Home appliances" address "Quality of life", their address is passed to us and the problem is solved directly with the client.".

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