The ranking of the best contributions from the largest Ukrainian banks - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The ranking of the best contributions from the largest Ukrainian banks - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineNo Bank first twenty offers investors a yield above 15% per annum in UAH. :( Deposit rates rise in the shares. And then -- a maximum of 0.5--1 point. At worst -- are unchanged. How to choose a Bank, which, indeed, beneficial to entrust their savings? In aid of "Money" has made a rating of the best contributions from the largest Ukrainian banks.Traditionally, the rating for "Money" took the top twenty banks in terms of retail deposits -- according to the Association of Ukrainian banks, as of 1 December 2007. But not because these banks are the most reliable or have the most attractive conditions of deposits. The Deposit guarantee Fund promises to pay 50 thousand UAH. regardless of the size of the financial institution -- if only it were a member of the Fund. And rates at medium and small banks, as a rule, by 1-1. 5 percentage points higher than the market leaders.And yet, the contribution is more convenient to keep everything in a large pot, it will confirm every banker. Though, because the leader may be more reliable and have a large network of offices. After all, what good is a shallow Bank where the percentage is higher if you go to his nearest branch need somewhere on the outskirts? Or even in another city? Thanks, but the notorious difference of 1-2 percentage points may be less than the expenses or the value of time lost. :)How did the ratingStarting to make a new rating, "Money", like last time, gathered information on three main types of deposits: savings (simple Deposit without replenishment), savings (Deposit funds) and Deposit (term Deposit with the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal of funds).All groups of deposits we have divided into those that interest payments on which at maturity and the income which is paid monthly. The tables show the rates in the three major currencies (UAH, USD and Euro) for a period of three months, six months and year. But the deposits with the possibility of a partial withdrawal open, typically for a year or indefinitely. Therefore, data for short "cash" contributions in our tables no.To be honest, this time calling banks surprised us -- no rudeness or incompetence of the staff. Tellers provide advice clearly, politely and professionally. Call in call centers has become much easier! Probably, the bankers realised that customers need to be loved. And now a more serious approach to recruitment "for good". I was surprised only PrivatBank, an experience which has changed little in comparison with our previous treatment. :( Still not easy to get through and get clear information on the terms of the Deposit.Cunning and generosityI note that during the six months that have passed since that time, as we did the first deposits of large banks, little has changed.Bankers are still very often change interest rates, and to keep track of all irregular yield deposits sometimes quite difficult. Although, to be honest, they change the stakes so slyly that the profitability of this contribution is not always recognised. :)For example, BROKBUSINESSBANK literally in the few weeks until the correspondent "Money" collected information twice changed the interest rates on any of the deposits. When you first view the website showed increased rates flexible contribution by almost half. And when we've updated the information in the Bank by telephone, these rates were returned to their original location (7%, 5% and 3% in hryvnias and foreign currency deposits respectively). Note that it was not a special contribution.This trick is used by many banks. They briefly increase by 1--2% Deposit rate. Customers "hooked" on high interest rates and come to the Bank. Some, recognizing that these conditions are not in effect, turn around and leave. Other, povzdyhat a bit, open a Bank Deposit under the interest rates that are.Some banks use a more primitive technique of attracting customers. They hold shares, the essence of which lies only in the fact that they call promotional existing deposits and actively "marry off" their customers. Rates, of course do not change. :( So progressive marketing ploy pleased "FUIB". Renamed "Standard plus" promotional "Penny for your thoughts", and then back -- in the "Standard plus". :)Interestingly, over the last six months a number of banks declined from certain types of deposits. For example, IMEXBANK at the time of publication had disappeared deposits with interest paid at maturity, as a savings and cumulative. And Ukrprombank, by contrast, refused to Deposit with monthly interest payment at 3,6,12 months, leaving only the longer deposits on 13,24,36 months.But banks have clearly become more generous in their promotional programs. For example, PrivatBank, trying to get investors, has launched a Deposit to get a credit card in the amount of 100% of the contribution (but not more than 7 thousand UAH.) plus the additional contribution of up to 5%. And PRAVEX-Bank offers among the clients of apartment in the capital and big cash prizes. Earlier, banks in the best of cases it was possible to "grab" extra 0.5 points to the return of the Deposit and drawing of trips to Turkey and Egypt.

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