The new apartments are cheap! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The new apartments are cheap! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn new lower prices on flats medium and...In new buildings of Moscow reduced prices for apartments average and economy classesAccording to "Analytical consulting center MIEL" in August 2008 on the primary housing market in Moscow volume of proposals, compared with July fell to 288 objects.The weighted average price of apartments in new buildings in the capital in August grew by 4.1% and amounted to 189,7 thousand rubles/sq. m. YTD apartments in new buildings of the city increased by an average of 26.9 percent.By the end of August the maximum growth rates recorded in the new business class ( 7,3%), apartments in which were offered by 186,1 thousand rubles/sq m; the average level of housing prices medium and economy class decreased to 123,9 thousand rubles/sq m (-2,3%) and 99,0 thousand rubles/sq m (-9,3%) respectively.Over the past month the prices in new buildings in Moscow's administrative areas were changing: the maximum increase relative to July recorded in JSC ( 13,9%), in the South show a decline in the prices of minus 4.6%. The highest price is traditionally recorded in CAO - 386,2 thousand rubles/sq. m. and the lowest offer prices observed in the South - to 130.6 thousand rubles/sq m,"In August on the market of new buildings of Moscow recorded the maximum increase in prices over the summer period, due to the change of the supply structure - an increasing proportion of proposals of new high class quality, displacing cheaper housing outside the MKAD. The volume of proposals for the previous month decreased by 1.7%. Our estimate of the end of the year will continue the trend of declining deals, " commented Vladislav Lutskov, the General Director of Analytical consulting center MIEL and, despite the external conditions that have a negative impact on the market, this factor will not allow the prices in new buildings of the capital reduced." And according to the analytical Department of the Bureau of real Estate "Agent 002" cost per square meter in new buildings of an economy class Moscow decreased by 0.7% to $4104. The offer in this segment increased by 51.4%, which is the low of the previous figures, is only 100 apartments. In business class the number of apartments increased by 34.3%, the average cost per square meter decreased by 0.1% ($6523) . In the elite buildings square meter lost $231 now price $17320, supply has increased by 19.4%.According to leading analyst Tatyana Makeyeva is a market reversal and a gradual decrease in prices in the mass segments, forcing many private investors to reconsider the strategy of behavior. In these conditions, increases the share on sale of investment apartments, which in turn puts pressure on the cost per square meter. The preservation of this price dynamics, we should expect further price correction and saturation offers in all segments of the market.We will remind that following the results of last week square meter fell on the secondary housing market.Average cost per square meter in the secondary market in the segment of economy class decreased to $5667. Thus, a square meter of lost 1.7%, or $96. In business class the average cost of a square also decreased by 0.4% to $8754 (- $29). The only segment that has not yet affected the overall trend remains luxury housing.

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