Passions in Crimea or FIGHTING over the ESTATE!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Passions in Crimea or FIGHTING over the ESTATE!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineWhile the Kiev real estate market froze in anticipation of the new season, on the coast of the Crimea, passions. Wanting to buy...Housing without complexes: settle in the reserve is becoming easierWhile the Kiev real estate market froze in anticipation of the new season, on the coast of the Crimea, passions. Wanting to buy apartments with views of the sea every year anymore because housing prices continue to grow at a fast pace. Space for construction on the Peninsula is not so much because of the apartment building under the guise of objects for recreation grow even in a conservation and Park areas.Sevastopol, Feodosia, Kerch and, of course, Big Yalta - here development is most rapid. And though in the Crimean cities, as in Ukraine, there has been some seasonal decline in business activity, housing prices are rising very quickly.In Yalta in CyprusHappy owners of land plots and real estate in Yalta can be assured of a comfortable old age. The cost of real estate in the Crimean city will soon reach the level of other Mediterranean resorts over the year, prices increased by 25-30%. However, experts predict a slight slowdown in price growth by the end of the year.According to the expert of real estate Agency "planet of Crimea Sergey Long, the most popular among buyers is housing business class. The cost of these apartments starts from 4 thousand. E. per square meter. But there were cases when the square and gave 10-12 thousand. E. But in this case we are talking about apartments class "luxury" - the beach, Parking, SPA-salons and other amenities.Buyers Crimean real estate still prefer apartment accommodation in cottage settlements. This trend was explained Director of marketing company SV Development Vladimir Stepenko: "today, the infrastructure of cottage settlements of the Crimea is or underdeveloped or middle-income level, yielding highly similar infrastructure in the Kiev region. But the living conditions will soon improve, because in this market intensifies competition".According to the company SV Development, in 2008 in the Crimea will be put into operation 139 new residential complexes and 39 of cottage settlements.It is noteworthy that more than half the buyers of the apartments and cottages of class "luxury" in Crimea are Russians. "At least we have the infrastructure and not at the highest level, they are attracted by the Crimean climate," notes Long. But not only for climatic lovely stretch for Peninsula residents of the neighboring state. According to the company "Market-Crimea", the apartments in these buildings pay for themselves in 5-6 years. In the long term it pays off.Who buys a house in the CrimeaRecently in Crimea is actively developing this type of housing, apart-hotels. The difference between them and ordinary hotels that the rooms are not rented, and sold. Such a housing has its pros and cons. There is no way to live, and rents bites - about 15 at.e. for each square on a monthly basis. But this household is good for people who do not live there permanently. "People came, stayed, left, handed over the keys on the Desk and his room is maintained in constant readiness stage, is removed", - says Sergey Long. In addition, the hotel may, in the absence of the owner to take it room to rent.Now on the South coast just three of them, but several more are in development. "The investor, who purchased land from the sea, cannot build a full-fledged residential complex - will have to sustain a sanitary zone, that is to retreat 100 m from the sea. On apart-hotels, this rule does not apply. You can erect it at the water's edge," explains the prospects of this trend Vladimir Stepenko. Similar hotels-houses can be built in the vicinity of protected areas as recreation facilities.Ecology or money?The situation when at the beach or in parks rise housing estates, has long been concerned about the Crimean ecologists. The Chairman of the Crimean Republican Association "Ecology and peace" Victor Tarasenko said: "Actively built up Mishor, Massandra, Nikita parks. Their has been a third and a half".This happens because until now the boundaries of these parks are not defined documented. "De jure, you should define them on the maps. De facto is to protect them with shields, lattices," - said Tarasenko. At the Council of Ministers of the ARC there is a special Commission, but its work is not yet visible. To determine the boundaries of those or other parks and recreational areas is the responsibility of the local, village and settlement councils.

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