How to make MONEY in your wallet? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

How to make MONEY in your wallet? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAll consultants say in one voice: "to Change your life for the better is possible, if you change your view about money". So what you need to change yourself to finally strike it rich?How to attract money into your lifeAll consultants say in one voice: "to Change your life for the better is possible, if you change your view about money". So what you need to change yourself to finally strike it rich? "Money" found out about it from a business-psychologists.Psychologists believe that such material characteristic of man, as the amount of money in his pocket, determines the phenomenon of brand intangible - his thoughts. For example, Andrew, who works as a clerk at the Kyiv city administration, not lazy and not stupid. However, he believes that earn a lot of money in our country is impossible."I work from morning till night: come early, and leave late at night, when the guards are already beginning to ring for keys. It was no good. For two years I moved with only Junior to lead specialist at a salary that is not even enough for a trip to Turkey. When you were looking for a Deputy head of Department, I cheered, but the opening "gone" a relative of one of the leaders of our Department. And everywhere - a chance to break through and get rich is only for those who have a connection," says Andrew.With these thoughts in mind, according to experts on attracting money, obviously wealthy. "Wealth is the result of human mentality. To earn and save money, you must have the mentality of a person that attracts and multiplies the money," believes Olga Lyubchenko, business psychologist, Director of the company Leadergroup".Sounds like science fiction? Not at all - because today there are few who will not agree that the thought is material" and each brings into your life what he thinks. "Obviously if people believe, for example, that with a lot of money, he can not win, if he believes that "money is the root of all grief", then, of course, money will get him a mile away," says business coach, head of the center "synton" Igor Khloponin.Seems to be true. After all, if "dig" deeper, it turns out that Andrew was not dismissed from work, which don't appreciate him, because he is sure that in the structure it will fail, and "big money" he never Shine."Silly dream of becoming a millionaire. I'm not 10 years. My father was a simple engineer, his mother a teacher, I am the stars from the sky is not enough. What I can fabulously rich and become a Ukrainian bill gates?" - he discouraged.Think differently!In such a situation, psychologists and recommend change to "settings" on the money. Yes, the first thing you need to throw out of my head all sorts of "stamps" like "an honest man cannot become rich", "big money is given only by the sweat and blood", "jeep only go bandits" and so on. Otherwise, these stereotypes will determine the future life and prosperity.Naturally, this change of direction in life is only possible if you really want to change something in your life and not continue to hide behind the wall of his fears and life scenarios that are imposed on parents.So, for starters, psychologists advise to change the course of their usual thoughts. You should try to understand what negative thoughts and feelings arise in various situations related to money, and begin to control them.If you receive salary every time angrily think: well, again, these "pennies" not enough, then you need to change the "installation" and start thinking about how to properly plan costs, the amount received can cover not only the costs but also to replenish the Deposit or accumulation of capital.Waiting by wealth, not poverty, that's what I believe, otherwise you will not get rich! Except if you win the lottery or get an inheritance.It is also crucial once and for all to learn that the money is not bad and not good in themselves. They don't make one worse or better, if only people did not initially inclined to one or the other. Money is just a means of energy resource, which can bring both happiness and unhappiness. It all depends on the mindset.So, negative attitudes sent to the trash, what can help to increase revenue? Again - thoughts. If the work "drink blood" and pay peanuts, you should develop a plan for a job change and come up with other ways to improve their welfare.You need to know that, in principle, it is possible to count, what companies and what they offer, what it requires, what skills still need to develop. If the transition to a better paying job is required to learn a foreign language or get a second degree, have to work for it and to implement its plans.Only without fanaticismBut often these "victims" are generally not required! You only need to begin looking for employment, to contact the Agency, to make the resume, to ask about job openings acquaintances. The paradox is that even these very simple steps many sometimes seem overwhelming."My son is eight years old. I was hired as a legal assistant in a consulting company when he was only two years. Then it was important for me to find a place that would allow often to go to kindergarten, clinic and so on. Everything turned out well. But now the son is already in school, and I'm still on the same position and same salary. During this time many of my friends have made a career, acquired the apartments and cars. And I'm still treading water," complains the referent of Svetlana.When a business psychologist asked her to write a CV and send it out to potential employers, it has evoked a mixed reaction. "I don't have time to go on all these interviews and send out resumes. Also need to spend money on a new suit. Now, if someone noticed me and offered me the job, then I would gladly passed", - she explained. However, until now Svetlana nobody never suggested.By the way, quite often negative attitudes towards money and career are connected with low self-esteem. To grow in our own eyes, psychologists advise to educate ourselves and communicate with successful people. From them, by the way, you can hear a sensible and useful advice regarding money, business or investment.In short, the mechanism of the effect of thoughts on welfare - not a supernatural thing. However, to turn your thought process into a magnet for money, will have to learn the tips on positive thinking.Come, come riches!What to do to attract money into your lifeFigure out how much money is needed in the coming years.Make a plan on increasing their income.Stick to the plan.To think and talk about money.Improve your self-esteem and self-education in the area of personal Finance.Listen to successful, entrepreneurial people and learn from them with regard to money.With the joy of giving gifts.Plan your personal finances.To invest money to earn income.What NOT to do to attract money into your lifeDon't wait for the "freebies".Not to be lazy.Don't be jealous and don't skimp.Not to savor and not to discuss other people's problems.Do not assign someone else.Don't allow yourself to cheat and deceive.Do not set yourself a financial "ceiling" above which it is impossible to jump.Total: If my approach negative beliefs about money, they urgently need to get rid of. However, one of the "power of thought" little.

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