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Universal plastic! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe service works as follows: having received such credit...Universal "plastic" on all occasionsThe service works as follows: having received such a credit card, it is possible to make a universal wallet, folding back all the money. Of course, it will be initially some sort of credit limit, for example, 5 thousand UAH.All the "top", – client's funds, and the size of the "purse" is not limited. For a "Universal" can be folded as you like, at least 100 thousand UAH.Convenience, primarily in the fact that it is not necessary to use multiple cards, you don't have to remember several pins and worry about the safety of "plastic" money. Now the entire budget can be stored on one card.Best of all, the Bank is not not just confuses your money with the money of the client. He and differentiates payment for the use of money. So, for cashing all banks charge – you pay for using an ATM or teller. The question is, what is its size. So for cash withdrawals from the loan account fees can be 2.5-3% of the amount withdrawn. And for the cashing of your own money – 1% (this figure can fluctuate depending on what card is it and what is the ATM operation is conducted).Now, if the client takes their money from the card, he pays a Commission according to the existing rates. If private money is already selected and the cardholder goes to the credit limit it, no matter what, will pay appropriate rates. So to worry about overpayment holder "Universal" is not worth it. The calculations also in the sales and service network, as expected, are free of charge for the customer.In addition, clients of PrivatBank has another advantage: they can learn about the status of any of your accounts or personal credit. These operations are carried out through Internet banking Privat24 and Mobile-banking.By the waySometimes pay and payCredit card "Universal" enjoying BASS terminals, it will be interesting to learn about another innovation introduced by PrivatBank.If your "plastic" in the amount of over UAH 100 network BASS-terminals of our Bank, each "weave" will earn the incentive bonus is 1 UAH. And so for every 100 UAH replenishment. To calculate what will be the amount of bonuses for repayment of a loan of 10 thousand UAH, – the power of even a schoolboy. Nice figure work.By the way, a few words for those who still do not know what a BASS is the terminal and how to use it. Everyone got into this situation: during the lunch break "break out" to pay for utilities or repay part of the loan, and in the window of the cashier – queue dozen more of the same "break" people. Next is the device by which this operation can be done in a few minutes, you just have to pay attention to it.ВASS-terminal – convenient and not difficult to use device that allows you to manage credit and private money, to repay a loan to Fund their accounts with mobile operators, pay utility bills and much more. To use it, carefully reading the prompts on your screen as mobile phone, ATM or other similar appliances.Take noteCard in a few minutesTechnology get a credit card from Privat to date as simple as possible.Now, to get a "plastic", the client needs to visit the Bank only once for the processing of documents and applications. Instant card issuance to him will be given immediately in the Department, and about his credit limit, he learns in a text message from PrivatBank, which will come in to his room with instructions to activate the card.By implementing this technology, PrivatBank plans to speed up the customer service process and to facilitate the procedure of registration of all necessary documents, eliminating lengthy paperwork.What's new"Plastique" everywhere is goodRecently a credit card of PrivatBank acquired new property. Now it is also beneficial to keep your own funds to rent in any ATM of PrivatBank just under 1%.

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