The beaches in Europe are waiting for you! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The beaches in Europe are waiting for you! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineSecluded coves, the best places to party on the sand or a quiet family beaches - all this can be found in numerous...Top 10 best beaches in EuropeSecluded coves, the best places to party on the sand or a quiet family beaches - all this can be found in many coastal areas of Europe.1. Cala d'en Serra, IbizaThe most famous coast of Ibiza - long, white sandy beaches, Crescent-shaped, dotted with trendy bars and the "cream" of society. In order to reach secluded coves, it is sometimes necessary to make a long walk down a steep, sheer cliffs descending straight to the water. Cala d'en Serra is just the place, which combines two components - a quiet, secluded Bay and sandy beach.Cala d'en Serra is located in the far northeast corner of Ibiza, close to the family resort of Portinatx. The coast is so isolated that it is only a steep rocky road that, eventually, becomes impassable, forcing tourists to walk. Soon, through the needles of pine trees, one can see a glimpse of the Bay itself is beautiful shore in the shape of a horseshoe with crystal clear blue water, surrounded by steep cliffs, which give a feeling of isolation from the world. On the shore there's a coffee shop that holds a German couple. Make sure you have a tube with a mask (here, a rich underwater world, then retire to one of the tables under the pines and order fresh grilled fish.Stop in "Can Marti", agritourism estate that produces its own electricity using solar panels. Is a 15-minute walk from the shore, in a remote valley. The double room from 130 euros.2. The Curonian Spit, LithuaniaCuronian Spit - a narrow coast, jutting out into the Baltic sea, approximately 100 km away and is Accessible by a 10-minute ferry service from the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda. It is a Peninsula of moving dunes and pine forests, where wolves roam and American elk. A place largely unknown to foreign tourists.Hire a Bicycle from the fishing village of Nida and head out along the coast in search of a suitable place. In summer the sea is calm and warm enough for swimming, the sun is high in the sky even at 9 PM. If the coast You will tire, you can go to Nida for the purchase of products from amber or join a local lunch of beetroot soup, grilled eel or herring, dumplings with sour cream (all less than 8 euros).Stop in Kursmariu Vila" in Preila village. Wooden cabins for guests may not win the prize for the best design, but will welcome You warmly, and You will be able to sit on a small wooden pontoon in the back garden, with a glass of cold beer and Leshem, cooked in the family's own smokehouse.3. Canos de Meca, SpainCoast in Canos de Meca smooth curve goes inland from Cabo de Trafalgar, where Nelson defeated Napoleon more than 200 years ago. Since then it became quieter. In fact, Canos de Meca became famous hippie hangouts. The coastline has been miraculously preserved intact and even fabulous. On the coast You'll find an Oriental restaurant, and when cheerful mood will cover the local residents along the coast catching islets parties.Stop at "Los Castillejos", which has bungalows. Double Bungalow from 50 Euro.4. Barleycove, County Cork, IrelandThe sun shown here infrequently, which is not surprising for a country where the rain is 225 days a year. However, beaches can boast of no ordinary pebbles, and stunningly beautiful sand. As compensation for the absence of the sun, vacationers get excellent dunes, favorable for children's activities the river, playing in the waves and endless sandy space for walking. Shore, with the surrounding dunes and lagoons, are defined as "special protected area" - here you can see cormorants, silent swans and the screaming gulls, and the landscape dotted with wild anytiime eyes and violets.The closest town is the picturesque fishing village of Crookhaven and stunning in Goleen. You can stay at the campsite on the shore, "Barley Cove Beach Hotel or rent a house with self-service.5. Cap Ferret, FranceOn many coasts, these "sea Sahara desert". Cap Ferret, located at the base of The Peninsula Lege-Cap Ferret, a long coastline of sand, pine trees and 10 small villages an hour's drive from Bordeaux. From the Bassin d'arcachon sea more calm and borders the Dune du Pilat, the largest sand dune in Europe. Here, parents with children walking across the tidal lakes and salt marshes, hunting for crabs.Cap Ferret has been described as "Gallic version of East HAMPTON, a popular place Bordeaux bourgeoisie. But You still don't know how elegant holiday villas and line Avenue. The lights of boutique shops, comfortable restaurants with brightly-painted wooden buildings. Poets and artists, including Jean Cocteau and Le Corbusier, were the first to discover the charms of Cap Ferret in the early 20th century.Stop at the "Hotel Oceane". The cosy rooms are minutes from the coast. The double room - from 51€.6. Scopello, SicilyScopello on the West coast of Sicily looks idyllic, until you've been there. Outwardly recognizable pretty stone village with old men in black berets. A 20-minute walk to the Bay with a vanilla color sand and clear water. Situated close out-of-production plant for the processing of tuna.If You wish to relax - take the Mat, sit back and think of brad pitt ("12" ocean's" was filmed on this coast). Not in season you decide that You are on the beach alone, as not many locals love the sea in April and may. In August - another thing, get ready to RUB shoulders with sunblock along with the rest of Sicily. By the end of the day You will be completely relaxed, soaked up the sun and sand.You can stay at the nearby Agriturismo "Tenute Plaia". The double room with Breakfast - from EUR 130.7. Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, WalesWill be back in June. Many of the coasts, referred to in the article, wonderful and unforgettable, but one of them deserves special attention. Three Cliffs Bay is a place where the sand road leads to a grassy promontory, the view from which the Bay in the shape of the letter U is just gorgeous. The caves are difficult to access, because you need to pass through a wooded area from Parkmill or down from Penard. On the cliffs is higher Penard castle, there you will find a great place for picnics and walks.Stop in at camping "Eastern Slade Farm Campsite" for $16-24 per night, depending on the size of the tent.8.

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