The price collapse is natural! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The price collapse is natural! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkrainePrimary market lost ground and "sells" of the apartment at a lower cost. However, this "price collapse"...New development on the cheap?Primary market lost ground and "sells" of the apartment at a lower cost. However, this "price collapse" – the lawsIn the fall of real estate prices in the capital have already planned certain trends. If we talk about the secondary market, then the prices are primarily dictated by the demand. In the secondary real estate market of the capital for more than a year seen stagnation, flats rarely bought and sold, advertised the same housing can be found for several months. While the price may fall substantially. And realtors suggest that you is serious to bargain and to refuse the options at the slightest intransigence – sellers to choose from, their product is not selling like hot cakes.Housing gets cheaper before commissioningAt the same time, the falling prices of primary talking "out loud". For example, according to the information portal only last week the price of a new one fell by 8-9% to 14 700 UAH per sq. m.According to analysts, the contradiction between the officially "inflexible" position of the developers and the fact that prices are still falling – can be explained.– The price change depends not only on the company but even from home, " says independent analyst Yaroslav Tsukanov. – Now the houses that are on the final stages of construction – really often sell cheaper. Because the house needed to pass, the timing of tightening nobody wants. But in those homes that have just started to build, and basically not getting cheaper. Not least because the cost of housing in these homes will be much higher, and lower prices is not economically justified.This does not apply to those cases where the developer himself neck-deep in debt and trying to sell as quickly as possible. But even in this situation it is unlikely he will drop the price by half. On the other hand, this is almost bankrupt may put your project up for sale, or for him it will make Bank. At a very early stage of construction it is easier to freeze than to sell cheaper. The main criterion affecting the demand remains and credits. If the situation with the banks will not change – the crisis will be more pronounced. Now we only entered into it, and towards the end of autumn is expected to peak. This also applies to the secondary winding and the primary winding. Prices are falling, this will not put.Another remarkable view we got in one of stroykompany capital. It turns out that the fall in the prices of apartments in unfinished buildings often provoke dealers.Is the so – called assignment in the primary, " she explained to us. Company bought "wholesale" apartments, and now in fear that it will not receive income and then sell them cheaper than the developer himself.So, as you can see, the cheapening of the primary has a special character and at the moment is not for all developers. How to change this picture in the near future, is coming on the market of new buildings in a price drop or a shopping spree – show already this autumn. If you believe the experts.At the same time, the main conclusion is that today's cheaper primary cell is not as risky investment, because often this is an apartment in an almost finished house. However, if dropping the prices the company is unfamiliar to you, builds only one object or no information – she obviously should not be trusted.The demand for a primary was falling, and prices – noBut it previously related only to the market of new housing. Primary cell for a long time showed a stable growth of prices. First of all, because the buyers of such housing is often another property class. After all, even given the lower cost per square meter of primary residence is a tribute to the "risk" of investment in the construction. In fact, the footage of the apartment is much more comfortable and overall cost is not cheap.Brokers, for example, do not record the primary organization in the so-called "economy class" – like apartment in the "Czech" and "Khrushchev", originally from the USSR, " but only in "business" or "elite". Of course, a major component of the demand for a primary – firms-dealers – have fallen with the first signs of braking of the market. Nevertheless, the prices of primary crept, at least a little, but up.In July marked a significant decline in demand for new housing, according to consulting agencies, the demand then declined in the range of 60%. However, before this conclusion was noticeable inhibition on the primary real estate market. Small developers began to freeze construction last winter. There are several reasons. Firstly, more expensive materials, and it is in a period of falling demand, when the price of a "square" is simply impossible to raise. Thus, the profitability of construction decreased.Secondly, many small "builders" mainly depended on customer demand and built their skyscrapers literally on investors ' money. Together with the stagnation of the market has slowed the pace of construction of houses, moved the timing of commissioning. According to the Vice-President of the Association of realtors of Ukraine Viktor Nesin, continue to build only those companies that operate "on their own", without the involvement of Bank loans and not the only for investors ' money. Those who entirely depended on buyers – standing, and his client had already lost.But builders expect consumer "boom".

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