A mortgage is a DREAM! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

A mortgage is a DREAM! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineFor the vast majority of Ukrainians mortgage unaffordable road, in connection with which the domestic real estate...Exorbitant mortgage: shorter and more expensiveFor the vast majority of Ukrainians mortgage unaffordable road, in connection with which the domestic real estate is not available even in dreams. And every another tightening of credit conditions lays a dream come true for infinitely distant period.The number of people that can borrow funds to purchase real estate, is rapidly approaching zero, but it would be unfair to say that the government do not pay any attention. Not only pay, but also the promise that "all will be well", however, will be whether fed these promises?In 2009, funding for mortgage lending at the expense of the state Budget will increase six-fold. About this during the public presentation of the draft State budget of Ukraine for 2009, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko. In particular, the Prime Minister said, the draft state Budget for 2009 the planned increase of the share capital of Oschadbank, Ukreximbank, and the State mortgage institution.The price of the Prime Minister's promisesRecall that since the last "mortgage application" premiere at the fact that long-term housing loans with no down payment low interest will be available in two months, less than six months. As recently as April of this year, Tymoshenko said literally the following: "To date, we have constructed a model of access mortgage institution to cheap credit, and the model of transferring these cheap loans through state banks at a minimal cost for those who want to receive such long-term loans".According to the promises of the government, in the beginning of summer every working family should be able to get a housing loan under 4-6% per annum for 20-30 years. Moreover, the government was going to materialize its program of affordable housing in parallel with presidential elections. "I believe that today the deficit of affordable housing that should be used, and one, and the second model. And if there is a third, and fourth, it will be even better", - said Tymoshenko.Promises traditionally remained unfulfilled. However, to say that someone took him seriously, it would be a gross exaggeration. Then the Ukrainian experts in one voice stated: the government is engaged in populism, not paying any attention to the laws of the market in General, nor in the mentality of the Ukrainians in particular.Loans are becoming shorter and more expensiveThe experts met: mortgage terms not only not improved, but deteriorated significantly, in connection with the loans issued by Ukrainian banks for the second quarter of 2008 decreased by 45% compared with January-March . The deterioration of the conditions associated with the mortgage crisis, shortage of resources, banks and policy of the NBU to limit the granting of loans in US dollars. Banks increase rates and the size of the initial payment, in order, primarily, to insure themselves against possible losses.In the last six months the terms of mortgage lending in the primary market and the secondary, show a decreasing trend, and the interest rate, on the contrary, it is increasing. The main cause of the September increase in interest rates by banks, without further ADO, called further rise in the cost of funds, both in Ukraine and abroad.September 8, increased the cost of borrowing UkrSibbank: loans in USD then rose by 1% and Euro by 2%. At the end of August from 13.6 to 14.1% increase in the dollar value of mortgages in Ukrsotsbank. In Raiffeisen Bank Aval rates on loans in the currency so far has not changed, but has risen since September, the cost of mortgages in the national currency - from 16.6 to 20.6%. Most radically to raise rates came financiers "OTP Bank" credit in the American currency has risen in price at once on 2% to 15.1%, and loans in the Euro jumped 2.5 percent to 15.6%.2% per annum - that's an extra $130-160/monthForced to disappoint those for whom 1-2% seem insignificant raise. It is actually much sadder than it seems at first glance.According to a survey of prices at the beginning of September the average cost of one-bedroom apartments for sale in Kiev, is $140 510, two - bedroom - $218 498, three - room - $337 752. Subtracting from the value of the apartment downpayment to the Bank (20%), we find that the amount of the loan to buy a Studio apartment is more than $110 thousandUsing a mortgage calculator, we find that based on the interest rate of 13.1% per annum, with the loan period of 10 years monthly payment will be $1649. If rates increase by 2% the monthly payment will increase by more than $130 and $1781. The overpayment on the loan for 10 years - $87 869 at a rate of 13.1% per annum and $103 772 at a rate of 15.1%.For reasons of clarity, let's calculate the increase in monthly payment with the same initial data, increasing the loan term to 20 years. The result is even more impressive - monthly payments $1297 and $1457 respectively, of the overpayment on the loan is $201 179 and $239 584.In early March, the minimum wage of the potential borrower to obtain a mortgage was to be at $2000/month, but three weeks later, these figures have become irrelevant. Looking at the new amounts, it is safe to say that at these prices the salary of the potential borrower must be at least $4000/month.The main issue of concern to all potential home buyers to take out a loan right now or linger? Experts believe that the wait for improvements in credit conditions in the near future is not worth it. To buy now - depends on what you need it. From the point of view of long-term prospects, given that the person will live in his own apartment, and then will pass it on by inheritance to children, this investment is profitable.

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