Who revives the Ukrainian village? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Who revives the Ukrainian village? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineFor a month they promise about...Unemployed revive the villageFor a month they promise about 600 UAHThe government has decided to attract the unemployed to paid work on liquidation of consequences of floods. This idea was put forward by the first Deputy Minister of labour and social policy Pavlo Rozenko. In the Lviv region most affected Stryi, Zhydachiv, Sambir and Mykolaevskiy areas. Where and when to serve area residents, "KP" learned in the local employment centers.First mobile group of the unemployed in all 13 districts we were ready from the first day, " says the Director of the Lviv regional employment center Mykhailo Khmil. – Pay will be depending on the number of workdays, but on average it will be 600-700 USD. We organized at its expense, the transportation of people by bus to the place of work and back. Perhaps somewhere local authorities will provide workers with the hostel.– Are there?– Only one day volunteered several hundred people. Forced to get to work, we, of course, no one can, but we will be very to urge.But the leadership of the regional employment centers is not very optimistic news. As reported to us by the Director Sambir regional employment center Ivan Timtim, as of August 18, they are sent to affected villages 70 volunteers for restoration work. However, only 40 of them are still working:– We are very short of men. Mostly to work rebuilding the women agree, and we need more men to the force, because the work is mostly hard – to clear roads, debris, carry, cement, wall to disassemble, etc.Contracts with unemployed signed by the representatives of village councils in two months.Among the activists was a resident Mykolaev Basil Rakovets, which clears from the effects of flooding the village Gir the same area.– I worked at the cement plant, but a year ago I was laid off. And in our city at this company almost all work or worked! How could there just be accepted as I am, – said Vasily. – Now registered in the employment center, and there I offered to earn extra money. I agreed. An easy job: clearing and orderable roads, to local people to help restore order in the courts, of course, loves the house or barn will help repair. As for the payment, it said that less than minimum wage will not.However, pan Basil confesses that once he have had the opportunity to go for the trip to work, then immediately leave this job.

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