Yak retouch budinki?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Yak retouch budinki?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAfter the intervention, the builders went on a rampage...The Market house is saved!After the intervention, the builders went on a rampage at a unique monument of architecture – stone building Sulcv-WolfowiczThanks to the intervention of the Newspaper..." and Charity Fund "Preservation of historical and architectural heritage of Lviv" managed to stop the destructive repair of a monument of architecture of the XVI century – home Sulcv-wolf house. This was announced by the President of the charitable Fund Andrew Salukis.Last week it was reported, "restoration", which began the Lviv communal on the facade of the unique building address Market square, 23. Are we concerned that with plaster "master" and upholstered cornices that are part of the authentic look of the monument. Then Andrew Salukis added the commentary, "the Newspaper..." that is absolutely wrong to start the restoration of such facilities in September, because these works require specific weather conditions, which have not changed more than a month. Now to guarantee that nobody, and in a short time to properly carry out the planned work is almost impossible.There was also suspicion that the work is done without the necessary for the beginning of their documents.According to Mr. Salyuk, these suspicions were confirmed: repairers do not have the approvals of all structures, also no scientific justification. "We achieved that in the management of the historical environment of the city Council was assembled a scientific Advisory Board. During the meeting were identified and these facts. Then managed to convince the management to suspend work until all will not learn and not properly execute," says Andrew Salukis. According to him, especially in this case, it is worth to talk about the pernicious tendency of being late with the financing that end repairs "for the birds". The situation is this: the money from the budget came late, they are trying to master, so they are not "stuck" until next year, with the justification of works and their quality fade into the background.Regarding the damage to the stucco on the facade of the stone Sulcv-Wolfowicz, Andrew Salukis have not yet taken to assess the damage. Says that you need to separately examine what was on the facade before the repair and now. After all, it is worth remembering that the sculptural decoration of the building is considered its greatest asset. We are currently not able to determine the exact value of certain elements, but what they have suffered, is the fact. Fortunately, repairmen did not get to the rich part of design – sculptural compositions under the roof of the building. And it's hard to say that they would have remained if not for the publication and the intervention of the Foundation for the Preservation of historical and architectural heritage of Lviv"."Newspaper..." trying to find out and the official position of the city officials on the situation of the house on the Market square, 23, and was under the impression that the head of Department of protection of historical environment avoids contact with us. First, the press service of the city hall referred to employment of the official, and when still managed to get a phone number that supposedly could hear her review, it became clear that the number is changed or blocked at the request of the subscriber.".

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