On the construction market in Kiev had a lot of money: in the capital EN masse build skyscrapers, residential and office quarters - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

On the construction market in Kiev had a lot of money: in the capital EN masse build skyscrapers, residential and office quarters - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn the next 15 years in Kiev will be built more than fifty high-rise buildings. There are about a dozen major projects of integrated development of large areas in industrial zones on the outskirts of the capital.Gigantomania in construction as a consequence of scarcity of land in the center of the capital, as well as coming into the industry of large capital. Estimates of the skyscraper - more than $200 million, the construction from scratch can cost the investor several billion dollars.The money is not at all domestic developers: as a rule, such amounts include construction companies, attracted funds abroad during the IPO: T. M. M., twenty-first Century.The majority of investors of large-scale projects in Kiev is a company with foreign capital (Mirax Group, Seven Hills, etc.) or developers who were part of a large Ukrainian figs. Almost 75% of the total investment in construction investment in non-core companies - oil and gas, financial, etc.The skiesFirst capital's "megaprojects" were established in the late 1990s, but until recently the majority of them were postponed due to financial problems. For example, the construction of the residential complex "Dneprovsk VI" dragged on for more than 4 years."Fascinated by the idea to increase profits by adding the square, the developers do not always take into account the cost of equipment electricity, gas and water supply, construction of Parking, etc.," explains Deputy General Director for strategic development and marketing at T. M. M. Alex talker.Only in 2006 in the Ukrainian market there is a foreign company with extensive experience in the implementation of mega-projects. Russian Mirax Group began construction of a multifunctional complex Mirax Plaza with an area of 294 thousand sq. m. the Preliminary cost of a 46-storey skyscraper is estimated at $200 million.In 2007 the largest construction projects in Kiev has announced another Russian company Sistema-Hals. A neighborhood near the metro station "left Bank" plans to build the company Inteko, owned by the wife of Moscow mayor Elena Baturina.Most foreign projects involves the construction of skyscrapers. "The construction and operation of tall buildings are more expensive project than building a conventional home. But at the same time, the skyscrapers generate more income," explains the eagerness of foreigners to build highly Director of the Department of hotel and residential real estate company "XXI Century" Sergey Ovchinnikov.Typically, most projects Kiev skyscrapers involves placing them in A class offices, apartments of premium class or five-star hotels, but most of the space in a newly built or designed skyscrapers devoted to offices.Realtors say that buyers and tenants of offices willing to pay more for space in a high-rise. For example, rent per square meter in the only office tower in the capital ("Sail" - 131 m) costs on average $100 a month. In conventional office buildings in the neighborhood, the rental fee per square meter is $50-60 per month.The total area of residential premises in skyscrapers, which will appear in Kiev in 2012-2015, does not exceed 25%. Residential square in such a high-rise about 10% more expensive than in a building. But, according to realtors, the apartment above the 15th floor is not traditionally in high demand among Ukrainians.In addition to psychological discomfort (fear of heights), there are quite objective reasons for the unpopularity of housing "in the skies": height creates additional housing problem. "For example, on the floors above the 40th unable to open Windows due to the difference in pressure inside the apartment and outside" - gives the example Oleksiy Govorun.Wide my countryThe owners of big capital are willing to invest in the building of the Kiev industrial zones and construction of residential complexes, despite the huge costs needed to implement such projects. "Cost of construction per square meter in the investee for $200-300 more than at developed sites (with communications. – ed.)", - says Sergey Ovchinnikov.The construction of the city in the city from scratch, usually involves the organization and implementation of engineering infrastructure, drainage systems, strengthening of slopes in complex terrain. For example, the first project within the industrial zone of Lower Telicka (about 5 hectares), according to preliminary estimates, will cost investors $700 million.In the summer of 2007, the company Ukrainian Development Partners began construction of the residential quarter (altitude - 8-22 floor) in the Pechersk district of the capital. Project Novopecherskie limes provides for the construction of apartments 3903 (478 894 sq m). Almost a third of the area of the new district - 194,7 thousand square meters will be allocated for Parking, shopping malls, gyms, recreational area, etc."Today's buyer is more demanding, and one comfortable not to attract, says about the concept of the project, the General Director of the company Ukrainian Development Partners Valery Kodetskyi. - The developer needs to create internal and external service to district residents: Parking near the apartment, school, kindergarten, and other necessary public services".Together with deductions the city, the organization of the infrastructure and landscaping of the adjacent construction of roads Novopecherskie Lipki on a plot of 674 thousand square meters will cost investors about $1 billion.They are ready for such costs, since the construction of the whole block can implement virtually any architectural concept of the object and, consequently, to increase the sale price of a square meter.Without exception, all the mega-projects include the construction of large areas of commercial real estate. For example, according to the draft novopecherski Lipki" on the territory of the district is planned to build about 41 770 sq. m of commercial real estate. Renting even 10 thousand commercial squares at the price of $80 per meter per month, the investor will receive nearly $10 million a year.How to build a skyscraper"In Ukraine there are no regulatory requirements for design and construction of buildings higher than 73.5 m, - says the Director of the Department of administration real estate LTD. "Tiko construction" Anna Skripkina.- All heights are considered experimental. Builders and developers are required to coordinate with the skyscrapers in the Ministry of construction. On site preparation and the development of individual technical terms out to 20% of all construction costs.".

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