Property valuation for your account! Purchase and sale... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Property valuation for your account! Purchase and sale... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThus, a must-have addition to the contract of sale of land...Take out so pay in addition: the property will appreciate at their expense?MPs are preparing to launch another scheme for "extra" income. The second reading of the amendments to the Law "On commodity exchange", in which if agreed compatriots at the conclusion of the transaction of purchase and sale of real estate, land and vehicles have to pay for the services of independent appraisers. Though the payments are realtors, notaries and BTI has not been revoked and is not going...Thus, a must-have addition to the contract of sale of land, property or car, can be a report on the assessment of this property. Without him, the deal is void. However, legislators will have to make some changes in the Civil code of Ukraine.To estimate rightlyCurrently, according to the Law "On appraisal of property, property rights and professional valuation activities in Ukraine", the evaluation of property is obligatory in the following cases:- transfer the mortgaged goods;- property tax and determine the size of the state duty;- privatization and alienation in cases established by Law;- the creation of enterprises (business companies) on the basis of state property or property held in the municipal property;- bankruptcy, reorganization, liquidation of public utilities and enterprises (economic associations) with the state share of property (municipal share of the property);- define, or determine the percentage of property in the common property;- determining the value of contributions of members and founders of a business company;lease, exchange, insurance of state property, property held in communal ownership, as well as the return of the property on the basis of a court decision;- revaluation of fixed assets for accounting purposes;- the definition of loss or the amount of compensation in cases established by Law, and in other cases.That is, the mandatory inspection of the property at the conclusion of an ordinary contract of sale of real estate, land or vehicle is not available today.Earn on the amendments?The authors of the amendments to the Law "On commodity exchange" confident that the introduction of mandatory assessment will improve the process of transactions of purchase and sale of property of citizens. While the head of the Committee on taxation and customs policy Serhiy Terekhin considers that "the amendments is a new ideas for making money". Especially given the growing consumer appetites compatriots (Ukraine ranks second in Europe (after Lithuania) on the dynamics of car sales annually increasing market volume by 46%), and hence the increase in the number of transactions on their design.In addition, the evaluation result is valid for a short time, after which, if a deal to sign did not, will require a new assessment. For new money.Conflict in the systemIf a mandatory independent assessment of the same are introduced, then the conclusion of transactions on sale and purchase of real estate, land and cars will fade into the background, says Vyacheslav Demenko, General Director of Donbass commodity exchange. "Furthermore, if such changes are implemented, they will have to make changes in the Civil code of Ukraine, in particular in article 632, which States that the agreement specifies the value of the object by agreement of the parties," he said. And if the changes will not be made to the Ledger will receive another legal conflict. "I think all of this is done solely to collect additional taxes and may be another opportunity for abuse," added Mr. Daronco. Because the mechanisms of sale of real estate and land clearly worked out, and cases where a need for independent evaluation of these objects, provided by the legislation.There are, however, some difficulties with the vehicle. However, after making the purchase and sale of car registration and evaluation, which is necessary for the transfer of funds to the pension Fund. "If now, in addition to all documents required to make a mandatory and independent assessment, we can expect that the cars will be old-fashioned be purchased on the basis of attorney," he Darmena.Serhiy Vlasenko, MP and lawyer, believes that the amendments to the Law "On commodity exchange" is a "double edged sword". "On the one hand, when we sell all of these objects through the conclusion of the notarial contracts of purchase and sale, we are compelled, in accordance with the law, to conduct their assessment. At the same time trading is more profitable terms. That is, the exchange transaction does not require these actions and artificially draws people to the stock exchange for the conclusion of these transactions," he said.The main problem today, according to the lawyer, - the lack of a standardized independent evaluation system. "That is why the same object can now be appreciated, relatively speaking, in $1 or $1 thousand. And it will depend on methods of evaluation and the evaluator. The evaluation mechanism at full strength can only make money once formed an independent system of assessment of various assets," - said Vlasenko.But the deputies of the VI convocation now more worried about other things - if the coalition negotiations are not successful, their "independent appraiser" in the face of the Guarantor of the Constitution has the right to dissolve Parliament.

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