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Ukraine shows off The Ukrainian real estate market more stable in terms...Domestic real estate will cope with the crisisThe Ukrainian real estate market more stable in terms of the onset of the crisis compared to Russian. This belief was expressed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian construction Association (UCA) Leo Partskhaladze."We are in the development plan have been at about 3-4 years younger than the Russian market, so we are more conservative than today and were not so sprawling in the volume of construction, as a Russian company, which now developers have a lot of unfinished construction and a lot of financial credit and investment obligations", - said Leo Partskhaladze.The head of the UBA believes that in the case of the onset of the crisis in the real estate market, our country will be easier to cope with it, including because of the Ukrainian companies have already begun to prepare for it."From the East European region the mass yield investors, local and international.

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