Real estate in Poltava... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Real estate in Poltava... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineCommercial real estate of Ukraine...Commercial real estate of Ukraine: Poltava" option[Extract from the article "Commercial real estate in Ukraine: "Poltava" variant", the magazine "Trade expert" № 8 (61) 2008 , author: Vladislav Andrianov]KEY FEATURES OF THE CITYThe status of the city is a regional center in Central Ukraine, has a population of 300 thousand people, with an area of 10 381 ha.Investment growth of 17 %. Wage increases of 32 %. The increase in turnover of 26 %. Industry, six major companies. Determining branchis mechanical engineering.In town there are 5 museums, 27 libraries, 2 theatres, a Philharmonic society, 9 of clubs, 4 of the stadium, the largest of which is the stadium "Vorskla", there are many historicaland cultural monuments, parks. In addition, in Poltava there are 7 high schools, 10 secondary schools and 10 vocational schools.COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: THE MARKET SITUATIONThe retail market of Poltava, as in many other Ukrainian cities, is in the growth stage.Until the appearance of quality retail space is rare: of the new facilities can only be called Concord shopping Mall" shopping center "Locomotive" and "Equator".The project Poltava IFC with a ski slope.The rest of the retail market are either old Soviet times, which was reconstructed or small retail facilities, positioning themselves as shopping malls, but are not.According to Vitaly Boyko, managing partner of "Ukrainian Trade Guild", is now in saturation with retail space on 1 thousand inhabitants Poltavareached 120 sq. m. This is a high figure for the Ukrainian regional center with this population (for comparison, in Zhytomyr (269 K) – 77 sq m).Before the advent of large specialized areas of retail real estate market presented several objects, positioning itself as a tradecenters. Some of these objects – converted buildings, some specially built for the trade. At the same time, their quality left much to be desired both in terms of finishing and interior design and in the organization of trade and presents operators. These factors influenced the decrease of demand from the capital's retailers on lens ensure the best shopping in Poltava.Currently in Poltava there are about 12 sites that positioned itself as the shopping center. In fact, retail and shopping centers cantake only five: CJSC "Trading house" SEC "Concord" TC "cum", shopping center "Equator" and SC "Steam".The welfare of the population continues to grow. As a consequence, increases the turnover of retail trade in the city.This creates a demand for quality retail space."Despite the small number of the population, Poltava attention from developers and builders, which indicates its high potential, experts say "Poltava trading-the financial company". "The average rent in existing shopping centers of the city, according to our estimates, is 30–35 dollars. per month for 1 sq. m".According to experts the maximum rents recorded in the SEC "Concord" – up to 60 dollars. per 1 sq. M (if the rented area is 100-300 sq m). Rent small lots in the shopping center here can cost 100-120$. for 1 sq. m. With the advent of quality retail space rents in the city may increase, the downward trend is likely only after the saturation of the market. At the moment a high demand suggests further increase in interest rates. Vacant premises in the city center, in shopping malls and in stand-alone buildings, almost none.The occupancy rate of shopping centers – at the level of 99-100 %.Experts "Ukrainian Trade Guild" predict that the total area of shopping centers in the city in 2009 will be about 112 thousand square meters, and the trade of about 80 thousand square meters Then the amount of retail space per 1 thousand inhabitants will amount to 268 sq. m."If you implement all of the possible projects sales area of about 180 thousand square meters, the saturation will be about 900 sq. m on 1 thousand inhabitants, that is to reach the indicator corresponding to the most advanced trading," – said Vitaly Boyko.Thus, in the second half of 2008 adresa largest for the city of IFC "Kiev" with the entertainment component. Company-consultant on this project is "Ukrainian Trade Guild". Under this facility the allotted plot area 30 300 sqm Construction area of 100 thousand square meters, the rent – 80 thousand square meters, Parking –-underground, single, can accommodate about 774 cars.In further trading estate Poltava will continue to develop rapidly. In particular, Poltava trading-the financial company" plans to realize probably the most ambitious project to build a multifunctional complex, which will be indoor ski slope and water Park. The structure of the object with total area of 25 hectares, in addition to launch and Park, will include retail space and recreation areas, a hypermarket, DIY, etc. In Ukraine it will be first such project. And if the Park will be more aimed at an audience of the city, the ski-centre of entertainment nationwide scale. And in order to came to rest here residents of other cities, IFC also provides a well-developed infrastructure, which will create all conditions for recreation, as a possible guests, and the local population.BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF COMMERCIAL FACILITIESWholesale center Metro Cash & Carry: commissioning – September 2006, the total area of the shopping center – 12 sq. m.; General contractor construction company "Kyivmiskbud; the store offers more than 20 thousand food and non-food SKUs, the company has signed about 30 contractswith local producers to supply their productsSEC "Concord": the commissioning for the first quarter of 2007; the total area of 10 thousand sq. m, trading – 6,5 thousand square meters; number of floors – -1, 4 levels; the rental rates vary from 15 to 100 dollars. per 1 sq. m (including VAT and excluding maintenance fees).TC "Theatre": the number of floors – 5 levels (1st level commercial space); rental rate is 30-40 dollars. per 1 sqm (VAT included); the occupancy rate of the object is 100 %.The shopping center "Zlato Misto: commissioning – may 2004;the total area of 5.2 thousand square meters; rental rate – $ 26. for1 sq m. the occupancy rate of the object is 100 %.TC "Trading house": the total area of 1.6 thousand square meters;number of floors – 4 levels; lease rate is 10-30 dollars. sqmThe occupancy rate of the object is 100 %.The shopping center TSUM shopping area of 7 thousand sq. m; number of floors –3 levels; the rate of rent in the new building is 36$. per 1 sq. m(with VAT); the occupancy of the project – 100 %; the building is old-remodeled the store with a new construction, this is-the only shopping center in the city, where there is a food court.The shopping center "Passage": number of storeys – 2; rental rate: ground floor – 38 dollars. per 1 sq m, second floor – $ 32. per 1 sqmThe occupancy rate of the facility is 95 %.TC "the Locomotive": the total area of 3,5 thousand square meters; the firstfloor – supermarket, on the second and third levels are hypermarket of electronics and children's supermarket; TC "Steam" is the ninth Mall the company"Yoko".

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