Why the dollar is falling and prices are rising? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Why the dollar is falling and prices are rising? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAccording to experts, this paradoxical situation has arisen due to the policy of the NBU. The national Bank is going to strengthen.- We expect that this week the NBU will strengthen the official rate of hryvnia - says head of Department of issue of financial instruments JSCB "Ukrsotsbank" Eric Naiman. - I think, at the official rate of the dollar will be worth 4.8 hryvnia. The national Bank will not start again to enter the market with the purchase of foreign exchange surplus, but simply States the fact of strengthening of the national currency changes in the official rate. After all, when is the last 5,05, but really it is traded in the range of from 4.6 to 4.7, it negatively affects tax reporting.That the official rate will change, indirectly confirmed by the NBU. From the Department States the introduction of a flexible exchange rate band.What will happen next?The national Bank does not rule out that after the current period appreciation (strengthening) of the hryvnia in 2009, it would be its devaluation. This was stated by first Deputy head of the NBU Anatoly Shapovalov. However, local bankers believe: to talk about the devaluation prematurely.Potential hryvnia for a long time underestimated, and Ukraine has been accumulating reserves, - said Eric Nyman. - Our country resembles a fat, which is useful even go hungry, to strengthen their health. So to talk about the devaluation early. By the end of the year, I think the dollar will start to give about 4.5 hryvnia. With the serious deterioration of the trade balance is not expected, but a good grain harvest promises to bring the country additional 5 billion dollars, which compensates for the jump in gas prices.The goods are not cheaperDespite the fact that the national currency's strengthening their positions, to expect any significant decrease in the prices of various categories of imported goods are not worth it.- If to speak about household appliances and electronics, in Ukraine there is a shortage, because to ask less for that, and so well taken, shopping online will not be, - said the expert of the International centre for policy studies Oleksandr Zholud. - Only cheaper older models. The same thing will happen in the automotive market, where prices importers often dictated by a manufacturer who is even able to raise them.As for food, here is a special reduction should not wait, while the share of imports is not as great as it seems. Ukrainian prices will fluctuate based on world.

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