Cottage towns will become more and more comfortable - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Cottage towns will become more and more comfortable - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineDespite the relative youth of the market of cottage towns, the residential segment is actively developing. Experts predict the development of large housing complexes, the emergence of a United infrastructure among small objects, as well as improving its quality.Trends in the directions and costThe specialists of "Kansas" is averaging 138 cottage towns of Kyiv region at different stages of implementation. Thus, according to the company SV Development, sales today are conducted in 42 towns (for the first quarter sales volume was 300 households).By number of cottage settlements confidently leads the Obukhov direction to which, according to the company "Kansas", accounting for more than one third of active objects. These include Bosco village, "Gold Zatoka", "Platovo", "Romanovo", "Alpine village", "Aleksandrov Posad", "French town", "Sun valley", "Three rivers", "Klim", "Golden Gate", "Albatross". Second place (about 20%) is the direction of Zhitomir ("Parsley", "Severynivka" ART "Par Service", "fountain", "fertile", "Laleci farm", "German settlement", AMPK-Park).Actively developing the Odessa direction (among the major "players" - "the manor", "city of the sun", "Sadok Cherry", "Vitberg") and Vyshgorod ("Goat's back", "Didulica", "trufflehunter", "Yasnogorodsky glade", "Vyshgorod Brahma"). In Boryspil direction today can be noted towns "Reserved-1", "Solace", "Vyshneve mestechko", "Petrovskaya Sloboda" in Brovary - "the princes", "New Bogdanovka", "Horodchan", Warsaw - "Canadian village", Grand villas, "Yalynka", "lake".At the same time, in the company Realty Consult note, the largest number of households accounted for Zhytomyr direction (33,5% of the total number of houses in towns, where sales are conducted), because it is here that today the majority of large-scale objects. The sixth part of the proposals are located in the Brovary direction, 13% - at Odessa, by 11% - Obukhov and Vyshgorod and only about 8% of Boryspil and Warsaw.Two years ago a proposal was formed mainly cottages in towns, positioned as the elite class, and households for the category "economy" did not exist. Today, the market structure has changed significantly: according to the company Realty Consult, 32% of the proposals is in the price range from $850 to $1500 per sq m, and about 57% from $1501 to $3000. Households worth more than $3000/sq m take 11% of the market.Similar statistics provided in "Kansas". According to the head of analytical Department of the company Sergey Golub, in the future, the share of proposals costing up to $1500 per sq m will continue to grow. In addition, there will be a further intensification of competition in the segment cottages average price ($1501-$3000).Sergey Golub also said that today is dominated by the towns projects ranging in size from 50 ha to 250 ha. Widely represented class of proposals ranging from 250 to 850 sq. m with a plot of 15 cells. to 1 ha. the most popular format is 170-250 sq. m with a plot of 10-15 acres. Demand for cottages area of 250-350 sq. m with a plot of 15-30 acres. According to Sergey Golub, in the near future will be to develop large housing estates located on the territory of more than 100 hectares and incorporating several formats of real estate: luxury cottages, residences and modern small apartment house.According to analysts of the company Realty Consult, is expected to be relatively rapid development of cottage settlements in Zhytomyr direction. The most intense competition of the companies is expected in Obukhov (between developers of the "elite" class) and Zhytomyr (between developers classes of "business" and "economy") directions.Focus on infrastructureThe demand for cottages in the organized towns continues to grow. According to studies, more than half of Ukrainians would prefer to change a city apartment in a private house for permanent residence. Experts note that the market of cottage settlements moved on to a new stage of development, and today developers are now focusing on consumer preferences, increasing the quality of housing estates and expanding the range of offers.And buyers want to receive not only housing in the neighborhood with nature, but also a decent level of service and good infrastructure of the cottage settlement. Several years ago, the list of its essential components were limited to the protection and garbage collection. Today, experts agree that mandatory infrastructure elements include: mini market, kindergarten, sports complex, dining, housing office, primary school, medical centre and pharmacy. Preferably also the presence of a zone of leisure and entertainment.According to the company Realty Consult, currently the majority of settlements declares infrastructure is widely represented, but not all cottages will implement it fully.According to the Director of marketing company SV Development Vladimir Stepenko, the past year can be considered the "year of the declared infrastructure." Many developers begin to compete not only at the level of quantitative indices of its elements, but also the quality. For example, some developers already provide well-organized leisure areas (parks, squares and reservoirs). A striking example is focused on the middle class cottage complex AMPK-Park, with well-developed infrastructure that meets the latest European requirements.Experts note several towns, where most fully represented many elements of the declared infrastructure: "New Bogdanovka", "manor", "Severynivka", "Solace", "Vyshneve mestechko", "city of the sun", etc.To achieve profitability of some elements of infrastructure (shopping malls, sports facilities, kindergartens, schools, etc.) for towns for 30-100 households is almost impossible. Therefore, in addition to increasing the scale of new projects, according to experts Realty company Consult, likely creating a common infrastructure for several of the nearby small cottage settlements.Large cottage can be zoned mansions, home business class, town-houses, and, for example, tennis courts and a swimming pool for communal use. This approach will allow to involve in the project people with different income levels.According to market participants, today the infrastructure of cottage settlement and its quality has little effect on the cost of the household, however, can serve as a decisive factor in the client's choice of an object.

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