On the lack of money the country's banks have increased their assets! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

On the lack of money the country's banks have increased their assets! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineRose to a lack of money. Banks with foreign capital occupied the domestic credit marketThe acute shortage of money, which both financiers complained, did not prevent them to earn good money. Even in the conditions of crisis of liquidity in the first quarter, banks have managed to set a new record in terms of lending volumes and profits. Moreover, despite the financial hunger, which experts predict at least until the autumn, bankers intend to continue to build on its active operations. However, a considerable sum pussy is not everything. Significantly increase your profits can only those of finuchrezhdeniya, who will be able to get money. First of all we are talking about banks with foreign capital, maintained by the parent structures. They, bummed available funds, will be able to lure customers less fortunate colleagues who need loans, and to attract potential borrowers to our services. And they won't even have to improve lending conditions. To no avail positives banks, ordinary Ukrainians and businesses have been willing to put up with the toughest challenges that today Fanuc-nominate a facility to borrowers. But wanting to open a Bank Deposit is better to act exactly the opposite, and give their hard earned money to banks that are sharper than others have experienced what it means to the liquidity crisis. The redistribution of spheres of influence is already underway. But because ordinary Ukrainians financial analysts give a clear advice: deposits placed in homegrown Ukrainian banks, loans to be issued in the structures with foreign shareholders.Lending had redistributedThe results of the banking system in January-March has surprised even the most inveterate optimists. The financiers were able to surpass the results achieved by them in the more prosperous the first quarter of 2007: if banks increase lending to economy only 11.4%, for the three months of the current year — by 12.7%. "In absolute terms, the results are even more impressive: the growth of the loan portfolio for the three months of this year amounted to 54.2 billion UAH. against 27.9 billion of the past", — said the "DS" senior expert of the strategy Department at OTP Bank Eugene Zinoviev. In conditions of severe resource shortage: according to the NBU, during January-March 2008 the remains of banks at correspondent accounts fell by UAH 3.6 billion. (18,8%) — to UAH 15.5 billion. (for the similar period of last year balances increased by 5.2% to 782 million hrn.)."Economic miracle" experts have found a simple explanation: the market remained primarily on the foreign investments that have not received all financial institutions. "External borrowing has been mainly banks with foreign capital, which at least needs to allocate resources to their parent structure," — said in a conversation with "DS" Deputy Chairman of the Board of Swedbank novel Gorokhovsky. "Financial institutions, recently acquired by foreign groups, have pursued a rather aggressive policy on the credit market, in an effort to rapidly increase their share," added the analyst of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Dmytro solohub. In the end it is the banks with foreign capital, according to the NBU, showed the greatest growth rate of assets in the first quarter. First place was taken by the Bank with Russian roots — VTB increased its assets 17.25%, the second OTP Bank with a gain of 15,79%, the third — Alfa-Bank, whose assets increased by 14,78%.After receipt of the resource in the country he or rapidly invested in active operations of the receiving Bank, or simply thrown on the interbank market, which ensured an enviable earnings. "Banks were unable to attract funds from abroad, have solved their problems by purchasing them from colleagues. Rates on the interbank market sometimes reached 35% for overnight credits and 45% weekly resources. In addition, in order to acquire a scarce hryvnia, banks tried to massively sell off foreign currency reserves, which led to significant fluctuations in the dollar on cashless market", — said the "DS" Director of Deposit operations Department of PRAVEX-Bank Svetlana KRAMAROVA.Resourceful financiers very quickly learned to cash in on the problems of colleagues. According to the results of the first quarter, according to the NBU, the volume of transactions on the interbank market grew by 10.5%. "The additional volume created by speculative operations: medium-sized banks had borrowed money from colleagues, with resources at a lower interest rate and resold them to small financial institutions (by the time the big banks have closed limits on "kids". — "DS") at a higher rate," — said "DS" situation Mr. Zinoviev.The rate on depositsWorse of all I had tomoro by Ukrainian banks. In fact they had only one chance to acquire the resources below interbank prices — more work in the Deposit market. They had drastically inflated the prices of deposits and threw all their forces to work with the population in the average market rates were raised by 1-2. 5% per annum (the"foreigners" could afford not to actively raise prices). The maximum increase could count the Ukrainians, opening hryvnia deposits: their value in spring reached 17-18% per annum.The generosity of financiers allowed them in January-March to increase the total Deposit portfolio of 7.7%, while for the same period last year, only about 6%. But even that was not enough to satisfy all requests of potential borrowers.Did not provide adequate assistance to bankers and their owners, who are extremely sluggish increased the capital of their creations. According to the national Bank, the equity capital of the domestic banking system in the first quarter increased by only 14% (9.7 billion USD.). And financiers do not the most optimistic forecasts and for the near future. "I think, in April-June, the banks' capital may increase by 8-12%, but this growth will be uneven. Foreign banks show a higher rate of capitalization due to their parent structures and its own profits," — predicted for the "DS" Eugene Zinoviev.Not comforted, financiers and officials who only created the appearance of recharge system resources. During January-March, the Central Bank has funded wards 12.9 billion USD. but mobilized from the market immediately 18.2 billion't get banks and assistance from the government, which only once poured in the financial market funds from the state Treasury: according to various estimates, the banking system was not hit more than 1 billion UAH. Moreover, officials and further pad their bottom line. "The Cabinet continues to accumulate the funds to the state Treasury account for inflation. We are trying to withdraw from circulation a financial resource and link it here. Do it within the framework of its competence and without breaking the budget lists," said last week first Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchynov.Dumping will not beIn this situation, banks with foreign capital will dominate the credit market further. "I believe that the current trend will continue in the second quarter: with the support from foreign shareholders, the financial institution will actively attract new credit lines and increase old — how from the parent structures and open market. On this basis, they can continue to provide its customers with loans. For example, our Bank in may-July, plans to increase foreign borrowing another $100-150 million (in April we have already attracted a syndicated loan of $65 million)", — said the "DS" Roman Gorokhovsky. In General, according to experts, in average on the banking system of foreign involvement can increase by 10-15%.

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